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  1. Good morning ladies .. I think I’ll get the electric.. then this way I wouldn’t have to keep lighting tealights. Will look forward to go tart shopping online from the many vendors out there... Tonight, I’m a lighting a candle from Sabon. It’s made in Israel and the scent is in Limy Lavender.
  2. Guys is an electric or tealight warmer better? Which produces a stronger scent when melting?
  3. Honey bear: all those pierogies sound so good.. esp how you pan fry them with butter and onions and serve them with sour cream... delish! AmyJo: that Castaway scent sounds like paradise! Tonight I’m burning my Aromatherapy Rose + Vanilla candle from B&BW! Bedroom is smelling like a Rose Garden.
  4. Didn't realize there was a thread for April till now... Anyone here gotten tarts from Pink Mermaid Wax?.. i think i should also be jumping on the bandwagon very soon.. but still taking my time to source where I can get mine from. so many vendors, people making it from their homes.. don't know where to start?? I have a green tealight warmer that is pretty big so i could use that to melt future tarts. MaggieMae : I'm glad those forest fires on your side have been contained! Praise the Lord! NMhoneybear : by the way what is your favorite Pierogi to make? AmyJo: that Key Lime Limoncello sounds good enough to eat! So currently, i only have 2 candles to burn which I got yesterday from B&BW. I have used up all my candles hence I made the trip downtown yesterday to get more. I def need to build up my candle collection. I burnt Caribbean Escape last night and i feel like lighting it again later.
  5. Starflower68: right now I only have candles as that's what you usually find at Bath and Body Works, Yankee etc.. I'm just discovering about wax melts through youtube videos, facebook groups or right here on the forums. Recently, I saw a review about Pink Mermaid Wax melts. Have you heard or tried them? https://pinkmermaidwaxmelts.bigcartel.com/ They have cool scents like Mermaid Hair Don't Care Aria & NMhoneybear: I see you 2 are of Polish heritage and I've heard of Pierogi. Learnt about them stumbling upon a website that featured Polish recipes like blueberry pierogi, strawberry pierogi, etc.. I've never really had sweet, fruity dumplings before, only savory asian ones so I'd like to try my hands at them one day. I tried one of the recipes for Polish blueberry tart and enjoyed it. Today, I went downtown and got 2 B&BW candles. Tonight I'm indulging in Caribbean Escape - a sweet, tropical blend of melon, raspberry nectar, and Italian lemon tempered with creamy coconut milk and raw sugarcane. I even got a tropical Island blouse from Zara to go with it LOL
  6. Guys are wax melts better than candles? which do you prefer and why?
  7. NMhoneybear: yeah i haven't had a good bowl of pho in a while. and yes i realize with candles... when you light it, sometimes you may smell nothing at all. but on cold sniff, smells so good. that Merlin's Forest you are melting sounds interesting. Where in Az are you from by the way? i had happy memories there back in 2014. really enjoy the southwest of America. AmyJo: that seafood lunch sounds delish and that little island outing sounds so fun mpfand: happy belated birthday to you! Im also sorry to hear bout your grandma passing.. sending my condolences to you and your family. xxx i see you're from N. Las Vegas.. was there in 2017. my host that i stayed with took me for a car ride to red rock canyon.. it was for an evening walk for her dog. would have loved to see more of Vegas and Nevada.
  8. hey guys, first of all i want to say i think Im having problems with my "island margarita" candle... its doesn't burn well , and the flames are very small. It's a 3 wick candle. the wax also sinks in... i think the previous owner must have kept it for quite a long, long while before she sold it to me.. there goes my 16 dollars. AmyJo: i love Vietnamese noodles.. Pho. the broth is so yummy. And yes i stumbled upon CbV by chance when i was searching for a mermaid candle.. she has a really pretty mermaid candle on sale on her site. And that's nice to know you have visited Singapore.. i'm sure you must have gone to Gardens by the Bay. what do you think of our local food? Mpfand: i say a prayer for your granny that she gets better soon. sending you and your family hugs cookielady: hi there. Hope's chest sounds interesting... what is the scent like? candlelove: that SGA Beach Nights Vanilla Wafers Marshmallow sounds cosy.. must be like a campfire by the beach kinda vibe. MaggieMae: yes I Luv B&BW candles... I think they have so many interesting, lovely scents... what is your fave candle from B&BW? Im sure you will be getting down to that B&BW spring/summer haul very soon! & i loved Peter Rabbit growing up. Had no idea there is a Peter Rabbit scent.. gonna check it out! This evening I feel like finally lighting my Cactus Blossom candle from B&BW.. and turning on some Mexican music playlist on Spotify to accompany it. lol
  9. Hi Starflower68, mpfand and candlelove Wow Amy looks like you are having a fun time at the beaches in Florida.. would love to visit there one day and even Cuba debra99: the Pacific Northwest has beautiful scenery! Are you in Washington or Oregon I’m guessing? Do you have a lovely mountain/sea facing cabin? Have only been to the southwest of the states.. Arizona and Las Vegas.. sure, I’d like to know some vendors that do Lavender. No I don’t melt tarts/melts but I saw a video on how to reuse the leftover candle wax and melt them in a burner.. am prob gonna pop them in the freezer and melt them one of these days to use them up. Do you burn Bath and Body Works candles? What do you think of them? I’m quite new to candles so more familiar with the big brands like BBW, Yankee etc. Have a lot to learn from you guys. But I found 2 American ones called Candles by Victoria from Texas and Candle Queen Candles from Kansas. I’m itching also to order a few candles from Flamingo candles from the UK. I notice the trends now are rainbow, unicorn candles that kinda stuff. ????
  10. Hi all Ladies! MaggieMae: the Huckleberry Zucchini bread sounds delish and so does the Autumn Pear .. makes me think of Fall???? tho we don’t have four Seasons here Debra99: Glad to know we have the same taste in scents. by the way what does HHS lavender stand for? I think I need to get a lavender scent as it is so calming .. lavender is one of my faves AmyJo: hi there! the weather here is hot and humid. I just started getting into candles and scents last month when my BFF got me a Farmer’s Market candle from a brand called Twig & Co. It was a natural soy candle with notes of tangerine, grapefruit, apple and a hint of peach. And then I found that lighting candles and just taking in the scents help me deal with my anxiety Where are all you guys from? And I was wondering how Long can scented candles with their lids on last? Do they ever lose their scent? This evening on my way home, I collected a new Bath and Body Works candle from a lady who let me have it for 16 dollars. Am currently burning it. So the scent for the night is Island Margarita.. just smells like a juicy cocktail..
  11. Hey ladies am new to the forums.. all the way from Singapore am burning a Calm and Quiet place by Yankee candle. Described as A centered fragrance—balanced with gentle jasmine, a whisper of patchouli, and warm amber musk. It’s finishing off very soon tho. Recently also bought 2 candles from Bath and Body Works. It was a deal at 2 for 70 Singapore dollars. Retail price for one is 40 Sing dollars. I picked Eucalyptus Mint and Cactus ???? Blossom... the Cactus Blossom smells amazing and can’t wait to burn it. Makes me feel like I’m vacationing in Mexico.
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