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  1. Today I'm burning YC Ocean Star and melting YC Sweet Strawberry! Both amazing! First day I've really been able to melt/burn this week so I'm enjoying it.
  2. Burning YC Lilac Blossom and melting YC Hazelnut Coffee. I really am enjoying the hazelnut coffee, it's not too nutty which I was expecting and does smell like a fresh brewed pot!
  3. Today I'm burning YC Country Heather and melting BBW Cranberry Woods (made leftover candle wax into tarts!) Both smell divine I'm loving having Country Heather hanging around Yankee again. My name is Heather and my mom used to always have this candle around when I was young... it literally smells like my childhood! Such nice memories :) I'll definitely be picking up another jar before they get rid of it again.
  4. So today I took advantage of the Yankee Candle friends and family sale (my MIL works for YC) and made out like a bandit! For 80 dollars, I was able to purchase seven large jars and one medium jar :) For myself/hubby I got large jars of Honeydew Melon, Macintosh, Ocean Star, Meadow Showers, Country Heather, Beach Walk, and Lilac Blossom! I also got a medium Honeydew Melon as a housewarming gift for my BFF. Such a great deal. Currently burning Honeydew Melon in the bedroom and melting Grapevine and Oak in the kitchen. Both new scents to me and I love both of them!
  5. Today I'm burning YC Apple and Pine Needle (not a big fan) and melting YC Meadow Showers. I LOVE Meadow Showers!! Amazing throw and longevity for a tart.... I think I've melted it three times for at least six hours each and it's only now just stopped throwing. I'm going to be purchasing a large jar at the YC employee sale later this week for sure
  6. Yesterday I burned YC Pomegranate Cider and melted YC North Pole :)
  7. Today I burned BBW Cranberry Pear Bellini until it was too low, and then used the extra wax to make tarts! I'm now burning BBW London Calling (my all-time favorite... if I could choose one wax scent for the rest of my life, it would be this one). After this burn, I'll probably turn this one into tarts as well. In the kitchen I started off melting the rest of a YC Mistletoe tart and starting melting a YC North Pole.
  8. Today I'm melting YC Mistletoe and burning YC Pomegranate Cider :)
  9. Today I'm burning YC Balsam and Cedar, and melting Scentsationals Café au Lait
  10. Today I am burning BBW Spiced Apple Toddy and melting YC Mistletoe :)
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