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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. aaah yes..oil diffuser! Yankee doodle is the same as the german yankeecandle hp. But thanks :)
  2. Thank yooouuuuu :) ooh yes a few ones ship to europe...but the Shipping is SO expensive. Sometimes like 3-4 Tarts Shipping 9-10$ Its SO sad...not even Yankee Candle have all scents to sell in Europe. And those Sales i can dream of. the best offer is like...50cents less for a Tart.. I think here its more common to use those liquid scents with those wood pins(?)... i dont like them..
  3. I love this season scents. I burn most of them all the year :D Today....Apple Pine from yankee candles....not so delightfull ^^
  4. Helloooo, finally i found a board, where people talk about Candles <3 I am really addicted with scented candles! I started with Yankee Candles(loving the tarts) and am now exploring other brands. But thats not so easy in Germany! :( I hope i will find some new lovely Candles here :)
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