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  1. Happy Anniversary MaggieMae! Today is a day off, so I get to use a real candle! Currently: YC Country Kitchen Carrot Cake lots o' Air Wick Cinnabon BHG Candied Mulberry Spice...Fiance loves it so in the melter it goes.
  2. Hello everyone! Yes, I would say the Air Wick Cinnabon has a bun scent, at least at first. Pretty sure that burns off long before the cinnamon, but that's fairly normal. I hope the doctors can figure out your pain source as soon as possible, Susan! Got orientation for work tonight...gonna have to get used to mostly tarts with candles only on days off again. Currently going: BHG Candied Mulberry Spice (not sure about this guy, I expected more of a spice note.) Air Wick Cinnabon
  3. Hi everyone! I took my jar to exchange it at YC and got Apple Spice instead. I like how easily you can exchange, even without a receipt. Overall YC has some amazing CS. Currently going: YC Country Kitchen Carrot Cake HHS Apple Jack & Peel Air Wick Cinnabon (AMAZING SCENT. EVERYONE GO TRY ITT!) Glade Creamy Custard + Scentsationals Sugared Pecans
  4. Well, I started out with a medium jar of YC Country Kitchen Peppermint Cocoa..then the wick drowned and wouldn't relight...before I even got a full melt pool! I used an Illumalid and everything! Ugh. Current Scents: YC Country Kitchen Carrot Cake FP 14-Karrot Cake Glade Creamy Custard Glade creamy Custard + Scentsationals Sugared Pecans
  5. It's been a day of flying through tarts round here! I also rearranged all my candles so that the older jars are the easiest to get to. I found a Dollar Tree candle with an Engrishy name, "Harvest Seasonal Spice", so I just had to get in in their cute little 3oz mason jar style. I'm hoping where it's a spice scent, it'll be strong enough. If not, it was a whole dollar! Scents: YC Red Velvet Glade Creamy Custard
  6. Yay, Friday! The temps are dropping here...the high today is 71! Scents: YC Country Kitchen Milk & Cookies YC Home Classics Apple Berry Spice Scentsationals Buttered Shortbread Glade Creamy Custard + Scentsationals Glazed Pecans...or is it Sugared Pecans? Edit: Can't keep my YC for-other-store line names straight.
  7. Today's scents are: FP Celtic Moonspice FP Amaretto Marshmallow Scentsationals Buttered Shortbread Glade Creamy Custard + Scentsationals Glazed Pecans Have a good night!
  8. Tonight the scents were FP Coconut Marshmallow Bread, FP Celtic Moonspice, and a blend of Glade Pure Vanilla Joy and Scentsationals Buttered Shortbread. The tealight melter has gone to bed, so I probably should too!
  9. My scentsperiment with one mini-cube of Glazed Pralines and one cube of Pure Vanilla Joy was a total success! It all is still lovely and strong, but I'm not being overwhelmed with scent...that sounds weird to say, huh?
  10. Not playing, but I'm really curious how to get a ring off. I have a 'starter table' for now but I'd like to know how to do that before we get good furniture! I've just been buffing the rings repeatedly with furniture polish and a soft cloth, but the table has a woodgrain to it so I can't tell if I'm scratching it.
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