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  1. There are many excellent shows currently running on different channels , which one is your favorite at the moment. Mine is The Voice.
  2. It seems that there are not more contests on the forum which is not a good thing. You should restore this section of your forum to keep everybody interested in the forum.
  3. I am a regular viewer of this show and this is one of the best reality shows without any doubt. My favorite star in this show till date is "Gilles Marini" which was runner up in season 8.
  4. My favorite songs at the moment are the following 1. "The Monster" Eminem Featuring Rihanna 2. "Timber" Pitbull Featuring Ke$ha 3. "Counting Stars" OneRepublic
  5. For me it would be a tie between "Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter" and "Kiehl's Crème de Corps". I really like both of these products.
  6. Hello all movies fans. There are many movies coming in few months with great expectations. Which is one movie in particular that you are waiting for ?
  7. Thanks all for a lovely welcome :)
  8. This is Kermit and i would like to say a quick hello to all the members of this wonderful forum . Looking forward to have a great time here :)
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