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Willow Ridge Candles

Willow Ridge Candles

Established in September 2011, Willow Ridge Candles was created after the birth of my first child. My family had always been full of avid candle burners, so while I was working through some health issues, I began to research candle making. My first year of creating soy-based candles, I jumped into the world of fundraise by creating a special candle for Scarlet Rose Farm Equine Rescue. By mid 2012, my candles were picked up by How On Earth in Mattapoisett, Massachusettes. While I still sometimes miss my time working at the Animal Hospital, over the last several years, I’ve seen Willow Ridge Candles grow and expand to include wedding and baby shower favors, opened up a whole sale branch, and even added in a bookish section to my shop.

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