Smelly Scents Wax Melts

    Contact Information

    Smelly Scents was established in 2016 under the name Cupcake Chasm in Essex, UK.

    Our wax melts are made using carefully sourced top grade ingredients on the market. We use our own custom blend of premium Parasoy Wax which gives you the smooth texture of Soy with the throw of Paraffin. With top quality fragrance oils sourced from the UK and USA, dyes, mica powders, and biodegradable glitter, providing the best quality uniquely created, professional home fragrances which are great as gifts and for yourself!

    All of our melts are hand poured which allows us to pay close attention to detail with every product we make offering you a product that is filled with care and love just for you!

    We are always open for business with a small restock of new, exclusive products now and again. We replenish our current stock on a daily basis so that you are never without.
    You can find any updates on any new, current or future products on our facebook page or instagram.