Great Bear Wax Co.

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    Bungalow Bungalow 5529 1st Ave South , Birmingham, Alabama 35212, United States

    Craftsmanship is certainly a key part of Jake’s candlemaking, but the true strength of his brand and mission is the intentionality and values behind Great Bear Wax. Jake once more calls upon his experience with the Big Dipper to explain that, “it changed my relationship with the Lord in the sense of understanding how intentionally I was created – the idea of just how valuable God sees us as humans. And it’s been something that has driven a lot of my creative force and social force since.” That sense of Divine intentionality that Jake saw in himself became an absolute necessity to channel in his work. Anything else or less than would be a waste to him. And it’s hard to miss when you see or smell these waxy little dreams burning. Handsomely thick, black illustrations of bears and trees populate his packages, while scents of the Forest, a Campfire, and Tobacco Bay await lighting. Each carries a sense of adventure, their swirling smoke manifesting the soft smells of a dewy forest. The gentle aromas permeate the air like a welcoming host, moving about, greeting whoever enters the room.



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