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    604 Post Knoll , Griffin, Georgia 30224, United States

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    Candle Escape: No One Can Hold a Candle to our Soy Candles!

    With our scented soy candles you can enjoy PURE fragrance, with NO SOOT, OR SMOKE. Each one is hand poured to ensure quality, and is made from natural soybean wax, which is processed from soybeans grown in the United States.

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    Note From Candlefind:

    Candle Escape is one of our very favorite soy candle companies, with clean-burning, highly fragrant candles and wax melts in an array of scents and styles. They began selling candles to the public in 2002 and they have grown exponentially since then.

    Their soy candles have lead-free, cotton wicks in a variety of styles. The current candles offered include travel tin candles, status jars, apothecary style candles, and their newer 3-wick tumbler jars. They have started a luxury line of candles and they are simply gorgeous. While they previously allowed you to select your color of your candle, they have since gone to dye-free wax.

    The wax melts are in traditional clamshell style or 1oz scallop melts sold in bags. They no longer offer scent shots, and you are not able to order single wax melts.

    This is a company that truly listened to their customers and created a stellar product of which they are rightly very proud. Be sure to check out all our Candle Escape reviews to see what we really think!

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