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    3440 West Warner Ave., Suite C & D , Santa Ana, California 92704, United States

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    Candle Bay: Candle Bay was started in June 2002 by two brothers who wanted to bring their high quality and unique brand of candles to the public. Candle Bay stocks some of the most unique candles you will find and offers them to the public at a great price, making sure quality is not compromised. Our mission is to satisfy each customer by providing personalized service and great prices. Candle Bay doesn’t have the big bucks of other online retailers, and must rely on repeat customers and word of mouth, making us a very customer-oriented company. If you like our site and service please share your experience with family and friends.

    Note From Candlefind:

    Candle Bay offers a wide variety of products from a few select brands, including soy candles, reed diffusers, candle accessories, and hand sanitizers. They sell a few select tapers and some soy candle pillars. The bath/body range is limited, but they do offer body lotion, bath salts, and more. Candle Bay can create a custom perfume for you and you are also able to purchase perfume kits from them. The website is a bit difficult to navigate to find all that you need. We suggest using the search bar feature at the very top of the page.

    This company ships internationally, but they only take those orders on their website, their Amazon storefront, or through mail order.

    They have a rewards program, where you receive candle coins for every dollar that you spend at this company. We recommend signing up for it, as you can also gain points for referring active members. If you do decide to join, please use our referral number 54078.
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