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    HC 63 Box 82A, Highway #150 S , Christmas Meadows, Utah 82930, United States

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    Editor’s Note: Our sources tell us that this business is closed. If you have different information, please email us let us know. This listing remains in place for reference. For your safety, all company-specific web links have been removed.

    “Cachet” means a mark of quality; as of distinction or authenticity and an indication of approved or superior status. Cachet Candles are made of the finest quality materials each candle is hand inspected to maintain the highest standards.

    As we began development of our new products, we found that the candle industry had changed dramatically since we began manufacturing candles in 1998. We researched and conferred with manufacturers, suppliers and experts from the industry. During this developmental process, we worked hand in hand with their specialized knowledge and assistance, testing for stability with our wax, scents, dyes and wicks.

    We are proud to offer you Cachet Candles, which are made of the finest ingredients, which include:

    • Soy/paraffin wax blend: The soy wax is a natural, 100% vegetable by-product that is grown on American Soil, is a renewable resource, and is environmentally safe. This wax has a smooth and creamy appearance, is able to hold a high concentration of fragrance and burns cleaner and longer than pure paraffin wax candles.
    • 100% Cotton Safety Wicks: Cotton wicks do not contain metal cores of any kind. The benefit of safety wicks is that they will self extinguish when they reach a certain level in the container.
    • Superior, luxurious fragrances and refined and advanced color dyes.

    Cachet Candles are offered in attractive glass containers and designs, recognized, first-class labeling, and premium packaging. Our packaging was shown at the National Packaging Association Convention, where it was recognized among the best packaging in the industry with an Award of Excellence.

    At Cachet Candle Company we are dedicated to bringing you distinctive products that are the standard of quality: timeless, authentic, distinguished, superior class, eminence and appeal.  Your Cachet Candle is of the finest in premium materials available from American companies, which help your candle burn longer, cleaner, and stronger.  Each of our products is hand inspected to maintain the highest standards of quality.  With the finer fragrances from a Cachet Candle, they bring you the ability to relax, bring back lasting memories of loved ones and take you to another place and time.  Quality is our commitment to you.  Whether it’s the crisp, fresh scent of Clean Cotton or the welcome home smell of Blueberry Cobbler, it will start with Cachet Candles, A Mark of Distinction.

    Note From Candlefind:
    Unfortunately, this business closed before we were able to try their wonderful products! Please check out our related listings in our directory to find similar products.
    Cachet Candles
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