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Creamy Marshmallow Cocoa Better Homes & Gardens Wax Melt ReviewCreamy Marshmallow Cocoa

by Christina Rylan

Brand: Better Homes & Gardens

Scent: Creamy Marshmallow Cocoa

Type: 2.5oz Clamshell Melts

Price: $2.00

These melts were purchased at Walmart


First impression of Creamy Marshmallow Cocoa:

I’m not usually a huge fan of chocolate fragrances but I must say, Creamy Marshmallow Cocoa from Better Homes smelled wonderful! The moment I opened the lid, I smelled a creamy hot chocolate that truly did remind me of hot cocoa and the best part, there was nothing fake or synthetic about it. I think I could even smell the gooey marshmallows too. Oh yes! I have high hopes for this scent.

Here is the scent description for Creamy Marshmallow Cocoa:

The Creamy Marshmallow Cocoa fragrance has the delectable allure of warm cocoa and creamy milk chocolate swirled with rich touches of frothy vanilla, whipped cream and pure marshmallow sweetness. Very rich and delectable! 

That sounds pretty perfect and the wax smelled just like the description. Milk chocolate – check! Frothy vanilla – check! Whipped cream – oh yes!! Marshmallows – I could practically taste them!


Melting Creamy Marshmallow Cocoa:

I used the entire clamshell pack (3 cubes each) in two electric melters in my great room. Once melting, it took a good 30 minutes or so for the fragrance to really start permeating my great room – it’s a super huge room – but once it did… the upper level of my home smelled like warm hot chocolate and it smelled pretty realistic. Up close to the melters, the chocolate notes really stand out but once away from the melters and just sniffing the air, I could also smell the sweet marshmallows loud and clear. YUM!! So, if you love warm hot cocoa scents with sweet marshmallows, Creamy Marshmallow Cocoa from Better Homes is definitely a scent you’ll want to try. And with that said, don’t wait too long. This is a limited addition scent so it won’t be around for long. Once it’s gone, who knows when or if Better Homes will bring it back. That’s the downside to limited addition scents. They come and go very quickly. 🙁

Strength – I would rate Creamy Marshmallow Cocoa an 8 out of 10 in a really large room. 10 in medium to smaller rooms. It wasn’t a knock your sock off strong bakery scent but still pretty decent.

I enjoyed Creamy Marshmallow Cocoa and will for sure purchase it again. In fact, I think I will, and soon. Better Homes did a good job with this one.

Happy melting!

~ Christina

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Presentation: 4/5
Authenticity: 5/5
Strength: 4/5

Overall rating: 4.5/5

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