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Candle Lists5 Sensational Iced Tea Scented Candles

5 Sensational Iced Tea Scented Candles

Five amazeballs iced tea scented candles that are NOT named London Calling.

Candlefind Best Iced Tea Scented Candles

It’s summer time, and the living is not so easy, even in 2021. The familiarity of some comforting scents is what we are seeking out right now at Candlefind. That includes the cool, refreshing scent of a tall glass of Southern sweet iced tea. Mmmmm! As June 10th is National Iced Tea Day, it got us thinking about the beauty of iced tea scented candles. We find this fragrance can be just as refreshing as a tall, cold one. And while London Calling from Bath & Body Works is a fabulous lemony, tea-scented candle, we think there are a lot more out there that are even better.

It seems a number of companies have a different take on this scent…some with more lemon, some a little more sweet, some with more honey notes, and so on. Depending on your scent preference, this can totally lead you down the wrong path of your scented expectations. We decided to put together this quick guide of our top rated iced tea scented candles based on what ‘angle’ they take on the fragrance. Grab yourself a glass of the golden juice and check out the list below!

Colonial Candle

Sweet Iced Tea

Colonial Candle Sweet Iced Tea
Top Notes: sparkling grapefruit, lemon zest Middle Notes: peach nectar, crushed rose petals Base Notes: honey drizzle, black tea leaves Photo Credit: Colonial Candle

The refreshing scent of Sweet Iced Tea from Colonial Candle is perfect if you are looking for something sweet and on the lighter side. This is a great background fragrance that would work well if you’re expecting a crowd. The fruity notes in this one help tip it over to the sweeter side and make it simply delicious. It reminds us somewhat of the Sparkling Iced Tea wax melts from Better Homes & Gardens.


Mama’s Sweet Tea

Crossroads Mama's Sweet Tea Candle
Fresh brewed tea, lemon and pure cane sugar. Photo Credit: Crossroads Designs

If you’re looking for a realistic, freshly brewed scent, check out Mama’s Sweet Tea from Crossroads Original Designs. There are plenty of freshly brewed tea notes in this one with hints of sweet lemon. To us, this one smells more like a warmed ice tea scent rather than chilled over ice. There’s a subtle difference and we think this particular candle hits the nail on the head.

Goose Creek

Sweet Tea

Goose Creek Sweet Tea Candle
The longtime, secret family recipe for the perfect glass of Lemon Sweet Tea. Photo Credit: Goose Creek Candles

If you’re looking for more lemon in your tea, consider Goose Creek’s Sweet Tea scented candle. It is bursting with a realistic lemon based scent with additional honey and tea notes that make this one mouthwateringly delicious. The lemon in this candle is more tart and tangy than that in the White Barn’s Tea & Lemon scented candle, or even London Calling from Bath & Body Works. While we love both of those tea scented candles, too, the edge of the lemon in Goose Creek’s version has won us over.

DW Home

Sweet Tea & Rum

DW Home Sweet Tea & Rum Candle
Photo Credit: DW Home

Yeah, we know there’s rarely iced tea in the Long Island Iced Tea cocktail, but I think you get where we’re going with this one. Sweet Tea & Rum from DW Home Candles is a boozy, thick sweet tea scent that is warm and delicious. What’s even better, this candle line is super affordable. Win-win.

Sweet Tea Candle Co.

Signature Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea Candle Company
The aroma of freshly steeped and sweetened tea is mixed with a touch of ginger and a squeeze of lemon. Photo Credit: Sweet Tea Candle Co.

For a little more warmth and spice, get your hands on this Signature Sweet Tea scented candle from Sweet Tea Candle Co…if you can. The candle scent is currently sold out, but it’s worth stalking (er…I mean, watching) the website for its return. The scent is realistic and the ginger notes give it a bit more of an edge than some of its sweeter counterparts.

That’s our current round up of some of the best iced tea scented candles you can buy. Each one has a bit of a different take on the scent, so hopefully you can find one that fits your scented bill.

Did we leave out your favorite ice tea scented candle? Do tell in the comments below!

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I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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