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Candle ListsThe 5 Best Candles That Smell Like Candy

The 5 Best Candles That Smell Like Candy

These sweet smelling candles are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth during National Candy Month.

The 5 Best Candles That Smell Like Candy

While June is most often touted for being National Rose Month (check out our picks of some great rose scented candles), it so happens that June is also National Candy Month. Sweet…literally! We’ve rounded up five of the yummiest candles that smell like candy to help you save that extra trip to the dentist.

DW Home

Cotton Candy

DW Home Candles
Photo credit: DW Home

This is one of the best cotton candy scents we have ever had the chance to sniff! It is sweet and sugary with those candy strawberry notes you’d expect in a cotton candy scent. 

Otaku Scents


Otaku Scents Hisoka Candle
Photo credit: Otaku Scents

With bubble gum notes that are enriched with vanilla and sandalwood, this is a grown-up candy scent-sation. It is sweet and sophisticated at the same time, and the label art is to die for!


Crushed Candy Cane

Voluspa Crushed Candy Cane Candle
Photo credit: Voluspa

Ok, so Crushed Candy Cane is not a pure candy scented candle. There are distinct bakery notes found here (in the form of freshly baked vanilla cookies), but the mix of the cane with the cookie? The deliciousness can’t be denied! This affordably luxurious candle from Voluspa is a great addition to our candy scented candle lineup.

Beal House Candles

Orange Slices

Beal House Candles Orange Slices Candle
Photo credit: Beal House Candles

You know the sugar-coated, jelly like orange slices you can’t pass up in the grocery checkout aisle? This candle smells just like that! It’s sure to make your mouth water in anticipation!

Agua Viva


Agua Viva Lollipop Candle
Photo credit: Agua Viva

Sugary sweetness abounds with the Lollipop candle from Agua Viva. With the fruity notes grounded with vanilla and tonka bean, this is a delicious treat for the kid in all of us.

That’s our lineup of 5 of the best candy scented candles on the market you can buy today. These candles are sure to satisfy that sweet tooth and keep your dental bills in check. Enjoy the rest of National Candy Month with one (or more) of these little goodies.

Did we miss your favorite candy scented candle? Do tell! 

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Owner & Candle Lover in Chief

I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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