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Our 9 Best Beeswax Candlemakers

Our picks of the best beeswax candles you can buy.

Candlefind 7 Best Beeswax Candlemakers Post

Since we wax poetic about all types of candles around here, we thought it high time we mentioned our picks for the best beeswax candlemakers around. Beeswax candles are created using a byproduct from honeybees, with the subtle, sweet aroma of honey always floating in the air. These candles burn bright and are extremely clean. Some chandlers add dyes and/or fragrances, but pure beeswax candles are something to behold in and of themselves. Sit back and grab a cup of hot tea (with a dollop of honey, for sure!) and see if you agree with our list of the nine best beeswax candlemakers around.

Best Beeswax Candlemakers

Bluecorn Beeswax Candles

Bluecorn Beeswax Candles
Photo credit: Bluecorn Beeswax Candles

No serious conversation about the best beeswax candles can be had without mentioning one of our favorites – Bluecorn Beeswax Candles. This company has been around since the 1990s, making a wide variety of beautiful, clean-burning beeswax candles of incredibly high quality.

Best Beeswax Candlemakers

Root Candles

Root Candles
Photo credit: Root Candles

Root has been making beeswax candles for over 150 years, so we’d say they must be doing something right! These candles can be found in a wide variety of styles with some of the richest colors we’ve ever seen. They have a wide variety of gentle fragrances that blend well with the natural aroma of honey.

Best Beeswax Candlemakers

Little Bee of Connecticut

Little Bee Of Connecticut
Photo credit: Little Bee of Connecticut

We think of Little Bee of Connecticut as one of the best beeswax candlemakers you can buy from . The wide variety of product, pureness of the ingredients, and the excellent customer service all play a part. This small family-owned business will make you feel like a part of the family as you shop their wonderful selection.

Best Beeswax Candlemakers

The Beeswax Candle Co

The Beeswax Candle Co
Photo credit: The Beeswax Candle Co

Originally started in Virginia, The Beeswax Candle Co. makes high-quality, 100% beeswax candles in all shapes and sizes. The candles we swoon over are “filter-polished,” resulting in a beautiful, creamy white color. The candles are long-lasting and offer a beautiful, bright burn.

Best Beeswax Candlemakers

Knorr Beeswax

Knorr Beeswax
Photo credit: Knorr Beeswax

Knorr Beeswax has been around since 1928, making it one of the best beeswax candlemakers on the market today. The candles come in a wide range of some of the most vivid colors imaginable. If you’re in to making some of your own candles and need beeswax sheets, this is the place to buy in bulk!

Best Beeswax Candlemakers

Big Moon Beeswax

Big Moon Beeswax Tealights
Photo credit: Big Moon Beeswax

Our favorite 100% beeswax tealights come from Big Moon Beeswax, aptly named Moon Drop tea lights. The rounded bottoms are designed to help these tealights burn a super long time and we can vouch for that! They also carry some beautifully decorated pillars and taper candles to boot.

Best Beeswax Candlemakers

Alysia Mazella

Alysia Mazella Beeswax Candles
Photo credit: Alysia Mazella

As a truly creative mind, Alysia Mazzella ranks tops in our book for one of the best beeswax candlemakers. Her tapers are all handcrafted and simply amazing. Although a little pricey even for beeswax candles, they last such a long time it really makes it worth it.

Best Beeswax Candlemakers

Mohawk Valley Trading Co.

Mohawk Valley Trading Company Beeswax Candles
Photo credit: Mohawk Valley Trading Co.

The simplistic goodness of the downhome, handmade beeswax candles from Mohawk Valley cannot be denied. Some of the decorative candles are so detailed, it’s amazing! We love the high quality of the beeswax and the beautiful, bright burns.

Best Beeswax Candlemakers

Mind Your Own Beeswax

Mind Your Own Beeswax Candles
Photo credit: Mind Your Own Beeswax

If scented beeswax is what you’re looking for, be sure to check out Mind Your Own Beeswax. The creative scent blends (and clever names) are more than enough to tickle our fancy. These candles burn for a really long time, too…so extra bonus!

We know we’ve missed quite a few beeswax candlemakers, as we know there are some wonderful ones all over the globe. Our list above of the best beeswax candles are the ones we are loving on right now, and we think you can’t go wrong choosing one of them.

Do you happen to have a favorite beeswax candlemaker that we missed? Do tell us in the comments below…we’d love to check them out!

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