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tobi tobin candles

“Tobi Tobin is a luxury lifestyle brand rooted in historical design and principles reinterpreted for the future" Candles, Fragrance and Chocolate.

barn candle company

Hand Poured Candles, Highly fragrant, Colorful, Soy blend candles, Barn Bricks (wax melts), Room Sprays, Diffuser, 50% profit on Fundraisers

satya + sage candles

A self-care inspired line of handmade, eco-friendly candles and home fragrance products.

Mandles Candles

Everyday men are forced to have flower scented candles in their lives, WELL THAT STOPS TODAY!!! MANdles are manly scented candles!!!

Delirium Candles

Delirium scents are meant to elicit a calculable (conscious and/or subconscious) response when experienced; possibly a state of uncontrolled excitement or emotion. Intoxicating, familiar, mysterious, arresting, unconventional, magnetic, hypnotic. Delirium.

Santas Naturals Candles

Santa’s Naturals Christmas Candles are always made from simple, clean and natural ingredients. We believe in honest labeling so you always know what is in your home over the holidays.

Freres Branchiaux Listing at Candlefind

We make premium soy based, vegan, hand-poured scented candles fresh in our momma's kitchen. 10% of our proceeds go to DC homeless shelters.


Explore our unparalleled collection of home ambiance fragrances and indulge in our fragrant world.

Best Lemon Candles

Kringle Candle unites the best of the traditional and the new with candle products designed to mesh with every décor. Enjoy an array of robust candle scents in Kringle's signature white wax candles and its Country Candle brand of multicolors - carefully crafted candle collections featuring Kittredge family recipes of yesterday and today.


A candle company based in Dallas, TX with a wide variety of the best candles you've ever smelled.

alabama-candle-company (1)

Alabama Candle Company helps schools and organizations fundraise with candles.


"Cachet" means a mark of quality; as of distinction or authenticity and an indication of approved or superior status. Cachet Candles are made of the finest quality materials each candle is hand inspected to maintain the highest standards.

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