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Noure Essentials Candles

The Modern Aesthetic. Designed by the hands of a black woman.When you think of Noure Essentials, think of us as... not only candles but more so as art. Art that is modern, comforting, sleek and edgy in any space at any given time. We firmly believe in the beauty of crafting your own atmosphere that is free of stress and full of love and comfort.

The Salcombe Candle Co.

Soy wax candles hand poured in Salcombe with the highest quality fragrances and cotton wicks. Vegan friendly and cruelty-free


Fill your home with warmth and delicious scents from COMFORT CANDLE CO. started in Comfort, Texas. We carry the finest scented candles.


Carefully curated environmentally friendly, small batch luxury candles and mists.

Green Papaya Candles set of three

Founded by a biochemist with a passion for natural candles, Green Papaya only makes candles from 100% high quality soy wax sourced from American soybeans. Each candle is infused with phthalate-free oils for safe use every day.


Toxin-free, luxury, homemade soy candles, wax melts, room sprays and more.


We make small batch goods that are inspired by + derived from the Great Outdoors.

Banter and Bliss Candles

Banter & Bliss is the premiere provider of candlemaking experiences on the West Coast. All of our home fragrance items are 100% handmade at our studio located at the Port of Los Angeles.


Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co. creates clean, high quality, relaxing fragrance candles. All natural soy candles handmade on the Kansas Prairie.


The most simple things in life are often the most beautiful. We believe in bringing a little piece of that simple beauty into every home. Enjoy handcrafted items from right here in the PNW and other small home decor items that you will love forever!


OUR HANDPOURED CANDLES are strong and will fill your room with fabulous fragrance! These highly-scented soy wax candles are created for maximum scent throw and also have safe, non-lead wicks. They will envelop your room with the cozy fresh scents that will leave your house lingering with wonderful aroma's, so surround yourself with the scents you love and indulge in all your favorites! Perfect for any occasion.


Luxury line of candles and home fragrances inspired by ALL things New Orleans!

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