Candle Reviews by Lisa Carter

Lisa Carter Hi Candlefinders!

My name is Lisa Carter and I’ve loved candles, tarts and other great smelling stuff ever since I was a kid. My full blown wax addiction really got started in 1999, on a rainy November afternoon, when my husband and I decided to take the kids on a trip to visit the Yankee Candle flagship store. I was blown away by all the great scents to choose from and would have bought one of everything if I could have!

I found Candlefind when I was browsing the web in January 2007, and it opened up a whole new world for me. Up until then I had been pretty content with the candles I could find in the local stores, and although I knew there were other, smaller candle companies out there… it never really occurred to me that so many wonderful candles and tarts were available online. I was thrilled by all the different scent choices, the variety, the high quality of their candles and tarts, and most of all, by the care and the personal touch that so many of the vendors put into their products and customer service.

Since then I’ve tried a variety of candles and tarts from many different online companies. Some of them have been washouts, but most have been wonderful and it’s been so much fun finding them!

To find a website that provided candid reviews of candles and tarts that I could turn to for tips – how great is that? Because Candlefind has been so helpful to me in making my scented choices (and enabling my wax addiction), I’m very excited to be part of the review team. It’s great to be able to “pay it forward” by providing my honest opinions of the different companies and wax products out there!

~ Lisa