Where Can I Advertise on CandleFind?

We offer several different advertising sections to accomodate a range of needs and budgets. For easy reference, we’ve assigned each section a letter. You can buy an ad in sections A, C, D, E. To see where each ad area is located on our site, look on the image below.

Sections A house banner and text ads.

Sections C & D house banner and text ads. Located to the right of all Candlefind pages.

Section E are text link ads with descriptions. Located at the very bottom of all pages on Candlefind.

Candlefind Directory. Free with text link back to Candlefind
For more specifics and prices, read below.

Banner ads: we are no longer allowing flashing/animated ads. Mild animation only.


Advertising Options:

Limited ad space – Limited ad space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Ad placements on each section are also first come, first serve. You will not always have an option of where you would like your ad to be placed in each section. If certain spots are available, we will try to accommodate those requests.

After all spaces are sold, a waiting list is started and potential advertisers are given 48 hrs. to purchase the next available slot. To check the availability of sections, please contact us at info@candlefind.com.


Section A – FULL
2 – (468X60 banner ad) positions
Cost: $100 per month

Text link ads in Section A are $45.00 per month. These ads are located at the very top of Candlefind.

The 468X60 banners are located at the top, directly below our logo.

Section “A” ads are featured on the home page, all corresponding pages as well as our growing candle forum.


Section C
(125X125 banner ad)
Cost: $80.00 per month
Placement in this section is first come, first serve.
Section “C” ads are located on right and on all pages of Candlefind, our forum as well as our blog CandleScoop.com


Section D 
(468X60 banner ad)
Cost: $65.00 per month.
Maximum of 4 ads in this section.

These are fixed ads and do not rotate. They will appear on all Candlefind pages including our popular forum.


Section E

(Text ads with description)
Cost: $20.00 per month 

These ads appear at bottom of all Candlefind pages.

Candlefind Directory
A standard listing is free with a few requirements.


1. Your listing must be candle, melt/tart or candle accessory related.
Any requests not related to the above will not be accepted.

2. You must add a text link to Candlefind somewhere on your home page.


Ready to advertise? Please email Christina@Candlefind.com for section availability.