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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Happy Friday!


    Today I am melting Vanilla Pound Cake from The Spotted Hog th_LOVE.gif This smells so good.



    biolaeagles - Ugh, that is rough. My youngest has been waking up randomly at night and yelling and standing in his crib the past week or so. I hear you on the coffee! The Strawberry Chrusciki Cookies was good. I got more strawberry than cookie. I could tell there was a bakery note in there with it but strawberry was dominant to my nose.



    candlelove - Enjoy your beach time! sFun_bananshula.gif

  2. Hello!


    I'm melting Italian Pizzelle from The Spotted Hog th_e3301ae2.gif I've really been enjoying their scents. This was my first order and I will definitely buy again sometime!




    candlelove - I am glad things turned out ok for your mom!


    Maggie - I don't have a fitbit but I've heard others complain that it can act up sometimes th_fear8.gif

  3. Hello everyone!


    It's a very warm 95 degrees here today, yuck. I am melting Crunch Berry Crisp from Cheryl's th_stophierDancedancer04.gif



    Maggie - We must not have any bats around here because the mosquitos are plentiful th_ANGRY_10.gifI hope a bat family decides to move in to the bat house soon!


    biolaeagles - It's a lot of prep trying to get everyone out somewhere! I hate packing!

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