Candle Reviews by Ann Frati


Ann-bioHello candle lovers… my name is Ann Frati  and I’m absolutely thrilled to be doing reviews for Candlefind! As a big fan of everything olfactory, I love candles, melts, room sprays, lotions, butters, shower gels, soaps: basically, all of it. In general, anything with the potential for creating aroma is a product I am willing to try and will likely enjoy. Of course, candles are the core and at the “scenter” –pun intended ;)–of any scent lovers collection.

I find that scent and aroma can augment an atmosphere, give extra dimension to our sensual experiences, and generally increase the quality of our lives. I feel our olfactory sense is connected to deep, subconscious memories and helps us to fully enjoy our experiences. My favorite categories of scent are “fresh” and “floral”, but I enjoy some products from all categories; ultimately, it’s the quality of the product and scent that lend it its allure and appeal. candle lover

I have been burning candles and using scent products for decades. I discovered candles as a teenager when I stumbled on a booth at a craft fair: I bought a few of these scented, homemade goodies and my candle-love began. A brief reprieve from lighting candles led to my discovery of melts, at which point I started using these on a regular basis as well. I discovered Candlefind last year in 2013, and I’m not sure what took me so long! It opened up my options to many, many more companies–especially the smaller ones that make candles like those I’d discovered at the craft fair years ago. The reviews Candlefind (and Candlescoop) publishes have been invaluable to me. With that in mind, I’m happy to contribute to helping others discover great companies and scents.

My house is constantly scented with something and usually with not only more than one scent but also by several scent vehicles. I hope that my own devotion to wax and other scented products will result in reviews that are helpful to all scent lovers!

~ Ann

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