Best Scented Candles

Editor’s picks for Best Scented Candles! 

With so many candle companies to choose from, the struggle to find the best is real. At Candlefind, we’re simply candle consumers just like you are, only we take our passion a step further by reviewing our experiences. We search for quality, performance, authenticity of the fragrance and strength. We’ve found some great candles and not so great candles. This page will list all the companies we highly recommend and those that have received our stamp of approval for Best Scented Candles.


Best Luxury Candles

Best Luxury Candles

I’ve been having so much fun discovering the many luxury brands out there and oh my goodness are they a pampering experience every candle lover should try at least once if their candle burning career. Candles Off Main is my go-to website to purchase luxury brands but we do shop all over the place.  The link below will lead you to our Best Luxury Candles page where we list our favorite brands worth checking out.

Best Luxury Candles


Best Soy Candles
Best Soy Candles

Soy candles are very popular and for a very good reason. Soy wax is usually more natural with less additives. Some soy wax isn’t as good as others and it’s up to you as a consumer to find the best fit for your home. We at Candlefind have  tried many, MANY companies and have found some great ones along the way. The link below will take you to our Best Soy Candles page where you can see who we’ve selected as our favorite brands.

Best Soy Candles


Best Man Candles

Best Man Candles

Yes, man candles are a thing and a Candlefind reader (who happens to be a guy) asked us if we would be open to him writing an article on the candles he has found over the years that are tried and true scents “man approved” scents. Of course we were open to it and have fallen in love with all the candles  Kyle chose. The man has good taste.

The 10 Best Man Candles


Best Scented Melts

The Best Scented Melts

The world of scented melts is probably as huge as candles. Let’s face it, wax melts are definitely more economical and very easy to use. Plus there is the added benefit of no flame to deal with which is great if you have kids or pets who could knock a candle over. I love scented melts just as much as candles. Below is a list of our favorite brands which is ever changing as we try more and more companies.

Best Scented Wax Melts


Best Candles With Inexpensive Price Tags

Best Inexpensive Candles

We all are forced on a budget sometimes but luckily, there are still some great candles out there that are affordable but are also the best when it comes to quality and scent throw. We’ve selected 8 candle brands that do just that… are priced right and are pretty darn awesome.

Best Inexpensive Candle Brands



More Editor’s picks for Best Scented Candles

We’ve also listed our favorite picks per each reviewer on Candlefind for easy reference. Each reviewer lists best paraffin, soy, luxury, scented melts, scents we can’t live without etc…. hopefully our tried and true companies we love will help you along the way as well. Our lists changed from time to time as we find new brands.

Enjoy and happy candle hunting!

~ Christina… the site for candle lovers!


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