Halloween is usually a pretty fun time of year for us here at Candlefind. We’re able to break out some cool holiday decor and some pretty spooky Halloween candles to gear up for the occasion. While the pandemic may have put a little damper on the usual planned get togethers, you can still rock your very own Zoom Halloween party this year. We’ve rounded up nine unique candles that will help make you the star of the show.

Sugar Skull, Mariana’s Skulls

Ok, so this is not actually a candle, but it’s still pretty cool. Made out of plaster of Paris and painted with acrylics, this tealight candle holder is a ghoulishly special delight. Watch the eyes glow as the candle burns inside and watch your friends oooh and ahhh.

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Reversing Skull, Transcendent Candles

If you’d rather actually burn your skull, look at this reverse skull from Transcendent Candles. It melts. It glows. It’s spooky for sure. This would make a great candle centerpiece, surrounded by other ghoulish decor.

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Kisa, PyroPet

I’m sure you’ve seen the array of candles from PyroPet by now, but they deserve a special mention at Halloween. Light this baby up and watch the kitty cat (or gummy bear or dragon…) melt away. I’ll admit – I do get some inherent joy out of watching this.

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Bleeding Hand, Creepy Candles

If you’re not too squeamish, you might try your hand at this candle from Creepy Candles. With a name like Creepy Candles, you can’t go wrong! As the candle burns down, the fingers ooze blood. Creepy!

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Baby Doll Head, The Blackened Teeth

Maybe melting animals isn’t your thing. Then go for these colorful baby doll heads from The Blackened Teeth. The wax melts and drips down the faces of these precious baby doll heads. You’re certain to win The Sickest Human Being award.

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Creepy Crybaby Candle, Halloween Candles

Take it a step further with this creepy crybaby candle from Halloween Candles. This babydoll head candle will actually cry – black wax tears! The glowing lights add a special kind of creepiness to the mix.

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Haunted House, Darkness Void

Go straight to the source with this beeswax haunted house candle. I’m not sure how it would burn, but the presentation says it all!

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Ghost Candles, Country Rich Creations

What’s a haunted mansion without some ghosts? Check out these cuties from Country Rich Creations. You can get a single ghost or get them in a set of 3 or 6. We say buy a dozen…go big or go home.

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Halloween Tapers, Bellenrose Boutique

Lighten things up a bit with these decorative taper candles from Bellenrose Boutique. So colorful, they are sure to fit into whatever type of Zoom Halloween party you’re hosting. They come as a set of two in the most appropriate colors.

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There you have it! Our recommendations to help get your Zoom Halloween party off to a ghoulishly great start. These Halloween candles should certainly help add to the decor. Now it’s up to you to do the rest!

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