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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Morning all, hope you're all well. 

    Amy, glad you're back at th hospital. 

    Michele, happy the bridal shower went well. 

    Maggie, thinking of you. 

    Is anyone else getting weird weather. It's cold here, snow has returned on the mountains. Mike has had to de ice the windscreen of his car the last three mornings! Did someone forget to tell the weather it's May? 

    Melting Cloudberry Dreams by Scentsy this morning. 

    Have a lovely day everyone 

  2. Morning all, and a Happy New year to you all, here's hoping that it's a better one for all. 

    Maggie, my decorations have been taken down too, on Saturday. Then there was the glorious task of getting rid of the dust, lol. 

    Today I'm melting 

    Peace in the Grass by OPT (thank you, thank you, thank you lovely lady) I've only just put this on about 5 minutes ago and I know already its going to be beautiful. 

    Have a lovely day everyone 

  3. Maggie, glad Cannoli is OK, also, same wishes to your daughters puppy Michele. 

    Amy, hope you het to enjoy these last 2 weeks of travelling and the next time you travel, it'll be for pleasure. 

    Exciting day here in the UK, the first Covid vaccine in the world was given this morning. Its been great watching all these people on TV getting it. Interestingly, the second person to get it was called William Shakespeare (I kid you not) from Warwickshire (just like the bard himself) It's great news and certainly a turning point. 

    Hope you're all well, melting Pink Snow Fairy by Darley Lama, it's lovely on this cold, wet, miserable December day. 

    Stay safe everyone 

  4. Good morning all, 

    Maggie, so happy you've found another position. 

    Michele, hope your daughter has got over the nausea. I remember that feeling. 

    Amy, sounds like a hectic week you've had. 

    Its quite cold here these past few days, the temperature has really dropped, snow on the moun nearby. Looks beautiful but hope it stays there. I'm not ready for snow. 

    Not been melting much this past week, need to clean a couple of meters and start afresh. 

    I did burn a candle over a couple of days though, Nutmeg from a department store. It was quite lovely. 

    Keep well everyone

  5. Morning all, I'm a bit all over the place today, on Saturday night our clocks went back an hour so yesterday felt soooooo long! I honestly feel jet lagged. 

    Amy, that carrot cake looked delicious, yummy. I love carrot cake but much prefer home made to shop bought. 

    Maggie, the camping trip sounded great, glad you enjoyed it. 

    Michele, glad the memorial service went well, I was thinking of you. Hope your SIL is well. 

    I had a package on Saturday, of wax. I was shocked as it only took 5 DAYS to travel across the pond! Thank you so much CF friend, I'm so appreciative of it! Your wax over there is so strong on cold. I'm going to take my time going through it, lol. 

    Have a lovely day everyone. 

    Melting Apple Blossom and Sandalwood by Darley Lama. 

  6. Hi Maggie, yes it's going to be short lived, 17 days. It won't affect mail, lol. Non essential shops will close, bars and restaurants too. Places can stay open if they do takeaways or deliveries. Stay at home but can go out for exercise, don't travel far. Halloween and Bonfire Night is cancelled, and the border between Wales and England will be closed unless you have to travel over it to work, care for someone or anything medical. 

    Oh well, we can do it! 

  7. Yes Maggie it was fairly sudden but not unexpected. Bangor, our small city is a University city so every September we get an influx of students. In England there have been local lockdowns in cities that have Universities that have sudden spikes in cases, students can't leave their campus etc. So, I think our numbers are okay ish so as far as I'm aware it's a precautionary measure which is good. 

  8. Afternoon all

    Melting Under the Sea by The Enchanted Wisp Wax Emporium today

    How are you all. My nearest town has gone into lockdown🙄 I live on the outskirts of it, we are not in lockdown, just the built up areas. We can only enter for work, school, college or University or if we need to go to the doctors. 

    My parents and sister live there so I don't know when I will see them again. 

    Hope you're all well 

  9. 21 hours ago, MaggieMae said:

    Hello All.

    I love this time of year too Michele...it's sunny and 68 degrees....a perfect day for short sleeves or a light jacket...either way works...so lovely. :flirtysmile4:

    Sharon...your strawberry theme sounds nice....I decided on apple today. 🍎

    All Vintage Road Candles

    Apple Butter - apple berry, bakes apples, cinnamon and vanilla spices

    Applewood & Pearberry- applewood, fern, apple berry and pear berry 

    Baked Apple Pie - hot buttered blueberry muffins, baked apple pie

    Smells wonderful in here. Have a good one.

    All the apples, lol. That Applewood & Pear Berry sounds delicious. 

  10. Good morning all

    Amy, 8 hour drive! Oh wow!  Putting that into perspective for me is that you've driven from Lands End which is the furthest point in Cornwall to 2 hours before you get to John O'Groats which is the furthest point in Scotland. That's about 10 hours I think! I admire you greatly. Your wax sounds lovely as usual. Hair update, had it cut yesterday and I feel 10lbs lighter, lol. 

    Hope everything is well with everyone. We've had a mini heatwave these past few days, in the late 60s to early 70s degree wise. To us, that's a heatwave! It's been rather lovely to be able to not wear a coat again. 

    This morning I'm melting Lavender Bellini by Darley Lama. Very calming but fruity as well. 


  11. Maggie, it's old hauls I'm rewatching. Brandy from Super Tarts is very enjoyable to watch. She hasn't posted for about 3 years or more but I enjoy revisiting her channel. I also watch Shopping and Scents, she is fabulous. She used to do Yankee and BBW hauls and reviews, now she just does hauls from shops, mainly Dollar Tree. I love watching her. 

    Not long got back from a meal out, Chinese. Its Mike's birthday tomorrow so we decided to go for a meal today as they don't open at lunch time on a Sunday. It was delicious. 

    Now I'm melting Vanilla Ice Cream Milkshake by The Little Big Wax Co. Deliciously creamy. 

  12. Good morning all! 7am and up early ish today, didn't sleep well last night so when my Oh got up at 6 for work I thought I'd get up too. Eating breakfast watching some wax hauls from over your side on you tube. 

    Maggie, busy weekend for you by the sounds of things, glad it's all sorted now. Speaking of hair, I'm in desperate need of a cut to sort my lockdown hair. Remember last time I cut it really short because we were going into lockdown in March. I'm in need now though. Plus, one benefit of lockdown was it made me do something I've wanted for while, and that is embrace my greys, lol. Last colour was March. 

    Amy, glad the termites have gone. 

    Second melting of Apple Blossom and Sandalwood by Darley Lama today, its quite strong, its beautiful. 

    Hope you're all well ladies. 

  13. Ladies, it's a hot one! Well for us anyway, currently about 76°. We've had a few days of this and for my pale freckly Celtic skin, it's no good. Currently sitting in my living room with the ceiling fan full on, you are so lucky your houses have air conditioning. 

    Melting Baby's Bedtime Bath by Darley Lama, I think its a dupe of Johnsons Baby Bath but the lavender version. 

    Stay safe everyone

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