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Candle Lists7 Best Valentine's Day Candles for 2023

7 Best Valentine’s Day Candles for 2023

We've rounded up some perfect candles for gifting on Valentine's Day.

Candlefind 7 Best Valentine’s Day Candle Recommendations for 2023

Love is in the air! February 14th will be here before you know it, and we can’t think of a better reason to go candle shopping. If you haven’t already gotten your sweetie something sweet, shop this list of our recommendations for the Best Valentine’s Day Candles this year.

Yankee Candle

Fresh Cut Roses

Yankee Candle Fresh Cut Roses Candle
Photo credit:

While we have been disappointed with some of the lastest from Yankee Candle, Fresh Cut Roses remains a big hit around our office. The scent of roses is perfect for this occasion and this is a realistic version, complete with greenery. It’s enough to make you and your lovebug swoon!


Rose Petal Ice Cream

Voluspa Rose Petal Ice Cream Candle
Photo credit: Voluspa

This is a gorgeous scent and the candle vessel? Beauty bonus points. In case a straight up floral is not your sweetie’s cup of tea, the creamy ice cream notes in this one soften up the beautiful floral for a great mix.

Dio Candle Company

Black Heart Candle

DIO Candle Company Black Like My Heart Candle
Photo credit: DIO Candle Company

It’s not all rainbows & sunshine on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes you need to celebrate the darkness, and there’s no better way than with DIO’s Black Like My Heart candle. The smouldering, rich spices blend well with hints of lavender and vanilla to make this a beautiful, mysterious blend.



Diptyque Roses Candle
Photo credit: Diptyque

Yeah, we know this candle from Diptyque is cliché, but Roses is simply a gorgeous scent from a high-quality candle company. Luxurious and long-lasting, this one really can’t be beat.

Bella Freud


Bella Freud Loving Candle
Photo credit: Bella Freud

The Loving candle from Bella Freud is a little more bold with notes of amber and sandalwood mixing with a white floral. It’s intoxicating. Plus the jar is red. Enough said.

Salty Scents Candle Co.

Love Bomb

Salty Scents Candle Co. Love Bomb Candle
Photo credit: Salty Scents Candle Co.

If you’re looking for an indie treat for your sweetheart, try the wood wick Love Bomb candle from Salty Scents. It’s a beautiful lavender vanilla scent with touches of glitter in the wax to jazz things up a bit.


The Smell of Spring

Aromatique The Smell of Spring Candle
Photo credit: Aromatique

If you’re fancying a floral but sick of the rose cliche’ for Valentine’s, Aromatique’s The Smell of Spring is sure to fill the void. This is like a fresh bouquet of flowers, greenery and all. It’s fantabulous!

That’s our round-up of the seven best Valentine’s Day candles you can buy right now. If you hurry, you may be able to buy one..or two…for your sweetheart this year.

Happy candle burning!

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