Best Strawberry Scented Candles

In honor of National Pick Strawberries Day, we thought it would be fun to list out our picks of the best strawberry scented candles. The scent of strawberry in a candle can be difficult to pull off, and many people have different things in mind when looking for this fragrance. Do you want a sweet, candy-like strawberry candle? What about a bakery scent that has strawberry notes? Our preference is for a realistic, fresh strawberry scent, complete with green notes. So many choices!

Carolyn, the original founder of Candlefind, noted the dilemma with her Battle of The Strawberries candle review. Even back then, she found the strawberry scent hard to get ‘just right.’ We’ve put together this handy guide to help you decide on which type of strawberry scented candle might just be your new best favorite.

Sweet Strawberry Candles

Some strawberry candles smell sticky sweet, like candy. They often remind us of those hard strawberry-shaped candies with a soft, sticky center. These are often referred to as not authentic smelling, but they do have their place and, if it’s a sweet candy smell you’re wanting, these candles should fit the bill.

Village Candle, Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Strawberries Village Candle large apothecary jar red wax
Conjuring lush, languid summer afternoons, peak sunshine and carefree days of daydreaming and sky gazing, nothing captures that perfect summer feeling like ruby-ripe strawberries. Voluptuously tempting in their juiciness, and even more decadent when dipped in a little sugar like we’ve done here. Welcome to summer (no matter what the season). Photo Credit: Village Candle

Despite the name Fresh Strawberries, we found this one from Village Candle to be more of a sweet, candy-like strawberry scent. It’s delicious, nonetheless, and a strong one, too. We think it’s definitely worth a try!

AJ’s Country Cottage, Creamy Strawberry

Creamy Strawberry mason jar candle AJ's Country Cottage pink wax candle
This one will take you back to carefree summer days as a kid. This luscious, creamy strawberry scent reminds me of those sweet strawberry cream candies. It’s a very popular choice with both the young and the young at heart. Photo Credit: AJ’s Country Cottage

Sweet, creamy, and delicious, this strawberry candle from AJ’s Country Cottage is like those candies we love so much. This scent is smooth and sweet – definitely more candy-like than like freshly picked strawberries.

Hanna’s Candles, Sweet Strawberry Preserves

Sweet Strawberry Preserves Hanna's Candles red wax large jar candel
A scrumptious blend of summer strawberries, sweet red raspberries, and pure white sugar. Photo Credit: Candlemart

While this Hanna’s candle doesn’t smell like the strawberry candies, we do find it more of a sweet strawberry scent. It is sugary strawberry goodness with a very good scent throw.

DW Home, Electric Strawberry

Electric Strawberry Candle DW Home bright pink candle
Sun-splashed strawberries accented with raspberry and a hint of sugared cherry. Photo Credit: DW Home

Maybe it’s the mix of fruity scents in this DW Home candle, but Electric Strawberry is…electric! It is fruity and sugary, with plenty of sweet strawberry notes shining through.

Yankee Candle, White Strawberry Bellini

White Strawberry Bellini Yankee Candle two wick tumbler. Pink wax silver lid.
A blissful brunch companion — sweetened by mango and pineapple, swirled with strawberry in a sophisticated libation. Photo Credit: Yankee Candle

While we have been disappointed in Yankee Candle over the past few years, the two wick tumbler jars are often less disappointing. Their White Strawberry Bellini candle is fresh and sweet, reminding us of fruit punch!

Freshly Picked Strawberry Candles

Maybe sticky sweet strawberry isn’t your thing, or maybe you just want to change it up a bit. Consider the scent of freshly picked strawberries, complete with green notes. Mmmmm! These strawberry scented candles are a lot different than our first picks above, and these are what many consider a realistic strawberry scent.

Pure Integrity, Strawberry

Strawberry candle Pure Integrity red wax candle clear jar wood lid
Our Strawberry fragrance is bright and vibrant, bursting with fruity aroma. An irresistible, uplifting, sensory pleasing scent! Photo Credit: Pure Integrity

It’s no secret that Pure Integrity is a favorite here at Candlefind, and this strawberry candle is no exception. It is realistic and more tart than sweet. The scent strength is just perfect without being overwhelming.

Candles By Victoria, Fresh Picked Strawberry

Candles By Victoria candle collection
Wild strawberries, juicy sweet and delicious. Photo Credit: Candles By Victoria

We don’t have a representative photo for this strawberry candle from Candles By Victoria, but trust…these candles are works of art. Even if you go with a standard jar candle here, the scent of strawberries in this candle are very realistic. There are a ton of green notes and it is fabulous!

Bakery Scented Strawberry Candles

Strawberry cake, anyone? I know I’m down! The smell of strawberries can often be infused into bakery notes to come up with a mouthwatering blend that will keep you coming back for more. Bakery scents are some of our favorites, and these are our picks for strawberry scented candles in this category:

Upside Down Owl Farm, Strawberry Buttercream Cake

Strawberry Buttercream Cake scented candle coffee mug strawberry embeds dripping strawberry glaze Upside Down Owl Farm
This candle bursts with strawberry fragrance heightened with a buttercream finish, as a delightful version of the real cake with buttercream frosting. The side of the mug that this candle sits inside is scrumptiously dripping with strawberry scented “syrup”. We’ve even garnished the “cake” with mini chocolate chips. Photo Credit: Upside Down Owl Farm

This candle from the Etsy shop Upside Down Owl Farm not only looks delicious, but it smells great, too! Plenty of creamy and bakery notes with juicy strawberries added in. Yum!

Pure Integrity, Strawberry Rhubarb

Strawberry Rhubarb Pure Integrity red wax candle frosted jar wooden lid
The aroma of sweet fresh strawberries mixed with tart rhubarb and just a pinch of sugar. It will take you back to simpler times, when your Grandmother was making homemade jam. Photo Credit: Pure Integrity

While there are no crust or cake notes in this Pure Integrity candle, the mix of freshly picked strawberries and crisp, tart rhubarb makes for a foodie type scent that makes you want to scoop it up with a spoon. This is a great soy candle choice. Christina did a Strawberry Rhubarb candle review before, and she detected much more of the sweet strawberry than tart rhubarb.

Bath & Body Works, Strawberry Pound Cake

Strawberry Pound Cake three wick tumbler candle Bath And Body Works
Fresh Strawberries, Golden Shortcake, Whipped Cream with Essential Oils. Photo Credit: Bath & Body Works

We’ll end this piece with one of our absolute favorite bakery strawberry scented candles…Strawberry Pound Cake from Bath & Body Works. This candle (not the White Barn one) smells sooooo incredibly delicious! It’s more sweet than bakery, but it’s got just enough to make us put it in this category. A true winner!

That concludes our round-up of the best strawberry scented candles based on the type of strawberry scent you’re looking for. Did we miss your favorite? Please let us know in the comments below!

Happy candle burning!

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