Best Jelly Bean Scented Candles

National Jelly Bean Day is a great reason to #buymorecandles. Check out our selections!

Best Jelly Bean Scented Candles

Happy National Jelly Bean Day! What? You didn’t know it was National Jelly Bean Day? I’m going to pretend you didn’t just think that and get right down to how you can celebrate this holiday in scented style with some pretty awesome jelly bean candles.

There is something really special about these little sugary candies – what with their firm exterior, bursting with flavor and chewy goodness once you take a bite. They come in all sorts of colors and flavors – even gourmet ones! In candle form, the jelly bean scent is often considered a sugary mix of fruity scents. The key is to find one that is sweet and sugary without coming off plasticky or fake. Christina previously reviewed a Jelly Bean candle she picked up at Kohl’s and, while strong and sweet, it didn’t have the best burn. Here’s our round up of some of the best jelly bean candles you can buy:

Bath & Body Works, Tutti Frutti Jelly Bean

Sweet Jelly Beans, Mixed Berries, Sugared Lemon with Essential Oils. Photo Credit: Bath & Body Works

This particular candle from Bath & Body Works is probably one of our favorites. It’s fruity and sweet and oh-so-good. There is a bit of a bubbly, fizzy vibe to it, so it doesn’t pass for pure jelly beans, but we give it a pass on that because of the cuteness factor.

Country Rich Creations, Jelly Bean

This purple Jellybean candle is a burst of luscious fruity tones teasing the senses with this gourmand confection. Wild cherry balances with ripe peach and tangy strawberry for the candy sensation at the fragrance heart. Hints of cinnamon boost the cherry, as a smooth combination of vanilla and musk creates sugary undertones. Photo Credit: Country Rich Creations

Country Rich Creations has a parasoy candle that is heavy on those cherry notes, but also has a nice balance with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. This keeps this scent from being too sticky sweet. Yum!

Libellule, Jelly Bean Jamboree

A BIG pile of jelly beans!! Lemon, lime, orange, cherry & grape. The perfect combination of sweet and citrus. Photo Credit: Libellule

For a 100% soy option, consider Libellule Candle Company’s Jelly Bean Jamboree. You’ll get more of the citrus fruity notes with this one, with lots of added sugar!

Jelly Belly, Toasted Marshmallow

Photo Credit: The Lolly Barn

Not all jelly bean candles have to be sugary sweet. Some of the gourmet jelly bean candle scents from Jelly Belly are super scrumptious without the cherry-raspberry-super sugary notes. Of them, Toasted Marshmallow is our favorite. It’s a bit smoky and sweet, liked burned sugar. Yum!

Do It Yourself Candle

And if you’re feeling creative, make your own jelly bean candle! Here’s an easy DIY Jelly Bean Candle, courtesy of Momtastic. Isn’t it beautiful?

Photo Credit: Momtastic

There you have it! Our current recommendations for the best jelly bean candles for your smelling pleasure. Light one up today as you knock back a few handfuls of those yummy candies today.