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Yankee Candle Easter Collection 2020

YC Easter Candles 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full force, Easter will look a little different than I’m sure many of us planned. While we’ve been sitting at home, we’ve found ourselves browsing the Yankee Candle website a little more than usual. This is in spite of our ongoing disappointments with the Yankee Candle large jar candles. Still…we want to believe. We’re taking this opportunity to give our thoughts on the large jar candles found in the Yankee Candle Easter Collection 2020: Bunny Vanilla Cupcake, Easter Bouquet, and Sweet Bunny Carrots. We bought and tested all three and here are our thoughts…

Bunny Vanilla Cupcake

Bunny Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle Easter 2020
The rich, creamy aroma of vanilla cupcakes with hints of lemon and lots of buttery icing. ~ Yankee Candle

The gorgeous pastel purple wax color and the cute bunny cupcake label on this candle had me at first sight. The cold sniff was that of a yummy, moist vanilla cupcake slathered in sweet vanilla frosting – yum!

I lit this candle in a large, open kitchen space and waited…and waited…and waited. I smelled zero vanilla. Zero cupcake. Zero frosting. Unless I was close up on the candle with my nose over the jar. Ugh!

I finally gave up the ghost and moved this candle to a small bathroom. It was then that I could really smell this candle and actually enjoy the aroma. And it was fabulous! It smelled just like freshly baked vanilla cupcakes and I could almost taste that buttercream frosting. This was a sweet bakery scent that I would probably love more as an Easy MeltCup or melting a votive as a tart. I was simply disappointed with the overall throw from the candle as the scent itself was on the lighter side.

Easter Bouquet

Easter Bouquet Yankee Candle Easter 2020
A lush bouquet of happy spring flowers — peonies and tulips — arranged with crisp and juicy fruit. ~ Yankee Candle

This candle was a gorgeous green and the cold sniff was all floral-ly and all fabulous. The scent notes mention some fruit, but I wasn’t getting that.

I did start this candle in the small bathroom first, given my disappointment with Bunny Vanilla Cupcake, and wow – it did fantastic in there! I could smell the greenery in this scent, making it very fresh and Spring-ish. The floral notes were more like a sweet floral, which maybe was because of the fruity notes that were added. Not really sure but I loved this one – not too floral, very fresh and green and clean.

I moved this one out to a larger space to see if it would fare better than Bunny Vanilla Cupcake. It actually did do better than that candle, but not by much. I could at least smell it, though, as I milled about in the kitchen. Still, I wouldn’t count on this candle to scent up a large space. It’s much better suited for a medium sized to small room.

YC Easter Candles 2020

Sweet Bunny Carrots

Sweet Bunny Carrots Yankee Candle Easter 2020
A refreshing blend infused with the essence of spring – sweet carrots with sugar beet and a touch of citrus. ~ Yankee Candle

This was the candle I was most excited to try. It was a pretty orange and the name…carrot candle? Sure! While I loved the scent mix of this one (it smelled like being out in a freshly dug garden with softened by a little bit of sweetness), the scent throw on it was minimal. Even in the small bathroom, I wasn’t getting much scent throw. Heavy sigh.

Overall Impression of Yankee Candle Easter Collection 2020

I really like the scents they have to offer this year in the Easter Collection. They are a good enough variety – Bunny Vanilla Cupcake for you foodie lovers, Easter Bouquet if floral is your thing, and Sweet Bunny Carrots for an off-the-beaten-path kind of scent. Of the three, I think Easter Bouquet was my favorite and that was simply because I got more mileage out of the candle. The other two were good scents, but I’d probably want to use the Easy MeltCups instead.

Have you tried the Yankee Candle Easter Collection for 2020? What are your thoughts?

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