White Chocolate Mint Wax melts Shortie's Candle Company
White Chocolate Mint, Shortie's Candle Company
White Chocolate Mint wax melts Shortie's Candle Company

Product Name: White Chocolate Mint

Product Description: Breathe in the fantastically rich aroma of creamy white chocolate mixed together with the minty fresh smell of freshly pureed mint. A gourmet treat for your nose.

Brand: Shortie's Candle Company

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Candlefind Says

A perfect blend of creamy white chocolate with crisp, refreshing mint. The scent was strong enough to be noticed without being overpowering and carried well throughout, making it perfect for holiday gatherings. 


  • All natural 
  • Phthalate free
  • Great for holiday gatherings


  • Package can be hard to store

The year 2020 has been a trip, to say the list. It’s hard to believe that we are rounding up on the holiday season already! With that, we thought it would be a good time to get our ducks in a row to plan for holiday candle (and wax melt) buying. That brings us to our focus on these White Chocolate Mint wax melts from Shortie’s Candle Company. We already have a number of reviews for Shortie’s up on site, and we’re adding this one to the mix.


Shortie's Candle Co. White Chocolate Mint Wax Melt

This wax melt was shaped like a leaf (teardrop shaped) and was clamshell-style. The packaging has a nice, clean look and is easy to spot among the typical clamshell packaging. There are tabs that make it easy to open and close. The coloring was in shades of white and green, which makes sense for the particular scent. There was a picture of a couple of white squares, which I immediately considered as wax melts, being the scent addict that I am, lol. However, after looking at it more, I realized that was meant to be some squares of white chocolate! There was also a depiction of mint sprigs. The wax itself was white in color and very soft. The wax melts are scored into different sized pieces, making mix and match seamless.


I literally wanted to eat these wax melts when I first opened the package. Ohmygoodness, they smelled just like one of those white chocolate mint candies! There was a bit of creaminess to the crisp, cool scent that made for a good balance. Looking at the scent description:

Breathe in the fantastically rich aroma of creamy white chocolate mixed together with the minty fresh smell of freshly pureed mint. A gourmet treat for your nose.

Shortie’s Candle Company

I used two of the pieces in a 24W hotplate melter set up in a large, open living space. It wasn’t long after putting this one on that I started to notice the scent wafting in the air. The first thing I noticed was the minty freshness of the scent, followed closely by the creamy chocolate notes. I have a hard time with chocolate scents, as I think they can smell fake or burnt after a while. Though white chocolate isn’t a true “chocolate,” I had absolutely no problems with this fragrance. It stayed true and authentic throughout the life of the wax melt. And yes, it reminded me of white peppermint bark candies you find a lot around the holidays.

Scent Strength & Scent Throw

The cold sniff on this wax melt was moderately strong, and once it started melting it proved about the same. The scent throw was fantastic, as I could smell it in the large, open space it was in and on down the hallways. This scent would be perfect for the holiday gatherings, because it travels well without it being too overpowering for guests.

White Chocolate Mint Peppermint Bark Candy on white plate

Melt Performance

My White Chocolate Mint wax melts lasted several hours without having to change them out. As this particular fragrance was moderately strong to begin with, I did want to change it out at the end of the day to get more punch the next day. 


I love these new wax melts from Shortie’s Candle Company, and White Chocolate Mint was a winner in this household. It was just strong enough to give us that pleasing, holiday vibe without being overbearing. This particular fragrance is one we’ll be serving up for our upcoming holiday gatherings, no matter how big or small it has to be!

About Shortie’s Candle Company

Shortie’s Candle Company is the creation of Georgia “Shorty” Vanderville and her husband Nick. Founded in 2002, this company has exploded in both their offerings and their reach. Here you can find traditional jar candles of varying sizes, wax melts, votives, and tea lights in an unbelievable number of scents…and now soy wax melts! They offer a fundraiser program and wholesale accounts.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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