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White Birch, Midheaven Candles

Product Name: White Birch

Product Description: This scent has a year-round appeal; the earthy scent of this candle that brings to mind cozy log cabins, warm mugs, and soft throw blankets.Infused with natural essential oils; including fir needle, cedarwood, eucalyptus, patchouli, and cedar leaf.

Brand: Midheaven Candles

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Candlefind Says

Not just another tree scent! A fresh, woodsy scented candle with a smoky quality, good for year-round burning. 


  • Gorgeous candle vessel
  • Even, clean burn
  • Long-lasting
  • Great scent throw


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I’ve been on the go quite a bit these past few months, so travel tin candles have become my next best friend. I was able to tote around a White Birch travel tin candle from Midheaven Candles and fire it up a time or two. I was simply amazed by the scent and strength, making it one of my favorite tree scented candles. I figured it was high time to give this little gem its props by a formal review.


This travel tin candle was in the typical silver color that is common for most candles of this type. It Midheaven Candles White Birch Candlehad a silver lid that was easy to remove and replace. The branding on the outside of the candle was prominent, with the company name, website, and social media icons clearly displayed. The scent name was hand written on this side, along with an indication of the candle size. The lid carried the logo and company name. There was an entire side of the candle that didn’t have any type of markings, so you could turn it to that one side to not look at any writing if that’s important to you. The wax was an off white color typical of pure soy candles. The wick was well centered and fairly thick. The wick was short to begin with, so there was minimal trimming that I needed to do to get started. This particular candle was their 6oz size, which is the largest travel tin candle that they offer.


The cold sniff on this candle was wonderful – a nice, warm scent with clear pine tree notes. I looked to the scent description to see what this scent was all about:

Bring the woodsy aroma of the outdoors inside with our White Birch Soy Candle. It adds a new layer of sophistication to traditional pine scents with vivid notes of eucalyptus, cypress, and tonka bean, creating a unique aromatic crispness.

Midheaven Candles

Wowza! There was a bit more written about this scent on the website, too, but this was the main thing I wanted to know. I lit the candle in a medium sized bathroom and let it do its thing for a bit. I almost immediately got the pine-like tree notes from this scent. As it continued to burn, I was able to get the most amazing mix of scents. The tonka bean started to become evident and that gave this scent a richness that I don’t often get with tree scented candles. Cypress tends to have a more smoky type quality to it, and I could get whiffs of smokiness as this candle burned. There was a sharp crispness to this scent, too, which I attributed to the eucalyptus. The further description on the website states there is patchouli in this scent, and I never did detect that. Still, the scent blend was AMAZING! I thought I would tire of this scent quickly, but on the contrary, I just couldn’t get enough!

Scent Strength & Scent Throw

I used this White Birch travel tin candle in a bathroom because I really didn’t expect much from such a small tin. Man, was I wrong! The scent itself was fairly strong. I mean really, really strong. The scent throw was fantastic. It filled the bathroom well and I could even smell it outside the door before I entered the room. I did try to move this candle to a larger, more open living space and the throw was pretty good there. Still, I would leave this candle in a more enclosed space like a bathroom or medium sized bedroom.

Midheaven Candles White Birch Candle

Burn Performance

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to snap a burning photo of this candle. In the hustle and bustle, I thought I had taken one, but…it was not to be. Too bad, though, because this candle had a flawless burn. It didn’t take long to get a nice, full wax melt pool. The melt pool was a good depth and very even. I didn’t have any wisps of black smoke or sputtering from my wick. I let the candle burn for about 3 hours at a time, snuffing it out in between burns, trimming, and lighting back up. I was able to burn the candle this way for a total of 30-35 hours, which is about on par with the stated burn time listed on the website.


Candlefind Editor's Choice

I loved Midheaven Candles the moment I experienced the quality of their Coconut Lime tealights. This White Birch travel tin candle had similar quality – very long lasting, fragrant, and clean burning. This particular scent is a strong one and is so unique, it’s more than just a tree scent you would imagine for the holidays. This one is easily an Editor’s Choice candle. I’m super excited about this soy wax company and can’t wait to share more of my thoughts. Stay tuned!

About Midheaven Candles

Midheaven Candles is a soy candle company based in Bristol, New York. The owner used her creativity as a baker to create eco-friendly, highly scented candles. Midheaven currently offers glass container candles, travel tin candles, and tealights. You can always purchase online and, if in the Rochester, New York area, you can find them in select stores.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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