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Review of a Plum Scented Candle from White Barn Candle Co.

by Carolyn O’Conner

Brand: White Barn Candle

Plum from “The Perfect Autumn” line.

10oz glass container


Scent Strength: Strong, but not overwhelming.


Introduction to my Plum scented White Barn Candle review…

Recently, I’ve been inspired to add more Autumn scent reviews to the site, so I went rummaging through my chest of unburned candles the other day to see what I had.  Besides one Pumpkin Pie candle, which I’ll be reviewing soon, I noticed I was short on Fall scents.  Oh no!  I was kind of happy though because I could justify going out to shop for more candles… one of my favorite things to do.

Besides wanting more Fall scents, I’m on a kick where I want to focus more on reviewing the big-name candle brands that are available in many retail stores nationwide.  I’ve had fun burning the Mom and Pop type brands available online, but from now until Christmas, I mainly want to add reviews of the big companies.  That way, if you read a good review of a candle on our site and then see it in a store while you’re doing your Christmas shopping, you can pick one up for a gift… or for yourself. 🙂

One of the big-name brands I’ve been wanting to review is White Barn Candle.  If you’re a die-hard candle nut, you might already know that these candles are sold in Bath and Body Works stores. Last year I started hearing a lot of positive things about them, so I went to my local Bath and Body Works to check them out.  I came home with a Marble Cake scented candle from their True Temptations line…it was incredible!  I posted my thoughts of that candle on the Review Board, but haven’t tried any other White Barn candles until now.

When I was wondering where to go the other day for some big-name candles, Bath and Body Works was the first store to pop in my mind.  I figured they would probably have some cool White Barn scents for Fall so I went to check it out.  When I walked through the store, I noticed a diplay of 3 sleek glass container candles.  The sign by the display said “The Perfect Autumn Candle” from White Barn Candle Company.  I was SO excited…I found what I was looking for!

There were 3 Fall scents to choose from in the collection…Pumpkin Spice, Caramel and Plum.  I sniffed all three and had the hardest time deciding which one to get
.  I had the Pumpkin Spice scent in my hand, but since I’m already planning on writing a Pumpkin review, I decided to go with the Plum.

I decided on the Plum scent for 2 other reasons as well.  First, it would make a nice addition to our Fall reviews this year and second, to try to break my addiction to bakery scented candles.  I love bakery and dessert scents, but in order to have a well rounded site for candle lovers, I figured I should review more than just one category of scents. After all, we all have different tastes and I want to write for all noses out there. 🙂



How did my Plum scented White Barn Candle smell?

At first I thought this candle was scented with pure Plum, but when I got home from the store, I found a scent description on the back of the box my candle came in.  Here’s what it said:

“Autumn days grow shorter, and juicy Plums are at their peak.  Surrender to this intoxicating scent of perfectly ripened fruit blended with crisp Anise and warm Cedarwood.”

That sounded interesting… When I read the description, I thought I’ve never used Anise in a recipe.  What’s that gonna smell like? I lit my Plum candle, hopped on my laptop to check my email and waiting with eager anticipation…hoping to smell something good.

While I was engrossed in my work, my attention suddenly turned to a gentle fragrance that started to fill the air in my family room. I was surprised…I wasn’t really smelling a big plum scent. It was there in a subtle way, but did not overpower the fragrance.  Even after reading the scent description on the box, I couldn’t clearly identify the Anise or Cedarwood either.  I thought that was a little odd that I couldn’t pick out the ingredients in this fragrance, but you know what? I didn’t care because I was loving this mysterious, intoxicating blend.

This is one of those scents for me that is really hard to put into words, but I’ll try.  It has a fruity plum fruity note that’s really wonderful, but it does not dominate the fragrance.  This scent is graceful and delicate, yet fills the air in my family room and beyond with a very enchanting aroma.  It has an intoxicating power to it…it will capture your attention over and over.  This is the perfect scented candle to create a refined, sophisticated, yet refreshing feeling in your home.  The scent strength was powerful
to me because it covered a big area of my downstairs, but it has a quiet, lingering softness to it….it’s the opposite of an “in your face scent.”

Just so you know I’m not the only one who feels this way about this scent.  My mother came over the other day while I was burning it and as soon as she walked in the door she said, Oh, what is that smell?  It smells so wonderful in here…it’s so refreshing and uplifting. I was so happy to hear she felt the same way about it.

I’m sorry I can’t better explain this to you.  I think you’ll try it, you’ll understand why I had such a hard time describing it.



candle-flameHow did my Plum scented White Barn candle burn?

My candle burned even and clean with no tunneling.



Closing to my White Barn Candle review:

I am so glad I finally broke away from my bakery scented candle habit and found something new to experience.  This candle has truly won me over.  I will definitely purchase this scent again next year if White Barn offers it in the Fall of 2006.  I wish I could somehow bottle this scent and use it everyday as a perfume…it’s that good.  I know if I did, I would get tons of compliments.

You don’t want to miss out on this candle.  DO NOT PASS GO… go directly to your local Bath and Body Works store and try it!  🙂  I gaurantee you’ll fall in love.  For me, this candle was worth every cent… you won’t be disappointed.

For some reason, I can’t find this candle on the Bath and Body Works web site.  I think if you want to buy it, you might have to go to your local Bath and Body Works store .

~ Carolyn

Shop for White Barn Candles at Bath & Body Works

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  1. does white barn still make this candle? because it sounds amazing. i’ll have to check their site (although you did mention it was a fall fragrance….so i may be too late!). i’d be curious as to what anise smells like too! i know i’ve seen it called for in baking recipes, i think, but never knew what it was. i also am perpetually drawn to bakery scents. thanks for the inspiration to branch out 🙂

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Owner & Candle Lover in Chief

I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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