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Lemoni Frosted Biscotti Candle – Voluspa

by Andrea Haskins

Brand: Voluspa

Type: 4oz glass candle

Scent: Limoni Frosted Biscotti

Strength: Lightly scented


Intro to my review of a Voluspa luxury candle:

I’ve read and heard quite the rave about Voluspa Candles, so I was excited to add this line to my list of luxury candle reviews. Voluspa Candles could be considered to be a celebrity amongst candles. You’ll see them praised just about everywhere you turn ”“ magazines tout them, famous people tote them. It’s a total love fest. This made me more Voluspa luxury candles, Candlefind.com, the site for candle loverseager to find out what the buzz was all about.

Voluspa means ‘Scandanavian Goddess of Wisdom.’ Voluspa Candles was founded in 1999 by Traci and Troy Arntsen ”“ their combined strengths the wisdom behind this company. Traci is the scent master, blending various essential oils and perfume ingredients for unique and beautiful fragrances. She creates all of the Voluspa fragrances and designs the artful packaging as well. Troy has candle making down to a science, coming up with the perfect wax blend for these higher end candles. As many companies of this type, Voluspa had its humble start in the Arntsen’s kitchen, then referred to as Flame & Wax. It has since grown into a nice-sized business with over 60 employees. These candles are promoted as an affordable luxury, and indeed they are. A 10oz candle will run you between 20 and 30 bucks, so not bad at all in luxury candle circles.

You’ll notice Voluspa candles are organized into collections, each with their own unique scents and design. My Limoni Frosted Biscotti candle is from the Seasons (Spring) Collection. This collection changes with the season, but you can always seem to find a way to purchase these beauties even if currently “out” of season.



What did my Limoni Frosted Biscotti candle from Voluspa look like?

For me, part of the beauty (and allure) of luxury candles is the packaging. If I’m plunking down a pretty penny, I want to feel like I am truly being pampered. Spoiled to the nth degree. Voluspa goes above and beyond the call of duty in that regard. These candles make a dramatic entrance ”“ the box for my candle was a light pale yellow with a paisley design, made of heavy stock. Three walls of theVoluspa luxury candles, Candlefind.com, the site for candle lovers box were labeled to include collection name (Spring), store identification and scent name. The fourth wall was actually a box within a box that you could slide out. This inner box is what contained the good stuff ”“ the candle!

This 10oz candle is claimed to burn up to 85 hours – fantastic for this size jar! There was a single wick in the center of off-white, creamy wax. As a nice added touch, the candle was topped with a gold lid with the name Voluspa imprinted on it. This lid was not only decorative, but helped when extinguishing the flame. The cylindrical glass was a heavy-bottomed jar with no labels on the sides. An identification label was housed on the very bottom of the jar. This is not your typical boring white label. It’s the same pale yellow as the box, with fancy gold lettering in a beautiful font. Another small touch that adds to the luxurious feel of these candles.



Limoni Frosted Biscotti scented candle review from Voluspa, Candlefind.com, the site for candle loversWhat did my Limoni Frosted Biscotti candle from Voluspa smell like?

I was attracted to this particular candle because of the scent name. Limoni spelled some citrus goodness to me, and

I’m a citrus nut. I also love bakery scents, so the thought of added biscotti was a thrill. Here’s what Voluspa says about this scent: the scents of toasted biscotti and fresh Italian lime. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

On cold sniff, I smelled mostly lime with just a hint of tartness. I didn’t really smell any almond, which I generally expect with biscotti scents. Once lit, I could smell soft lime… almost a bubbly quality to it. I never did smell any biscotti, a big let-down for me. This was a very light throw, even in a small room with the door closed.



Conclusion to my review of a Limoni Frosted Biscotti candle from Voluspa:

It’s no wonder Voluspa Candles got my attention… they’re wildly popular, enticing website, gorgeous packaging, and the allure of unique scent blends. For eye candy, I give Voluspa Candles an A+. PerformanceVoluspa scented candle review, Candlefind.com, the site for candle lovers and scent throw? I’m going to have to say C-. I am hoping my intro to these candles was just a fluke. I really, really want to like these candles! I will get a larger candle next time – one of the three wicks to see if that makes a difference. Hopefully it will. Stay tuned!

Burn wisely –

~ Andrea

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Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 3/5
Burn Performance: 2/5
Strength: 2.5/5

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

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