Shining the Light on Vintage Delights Candle Company

Our fans are constantly turning us on to some of their favorite candle or wax melt companies. That is how we’ve come full circle to do this Vintage Delight Candle review. We were pleased to learn of this brand located in a small town in Louisiana, with a slant to their scent list to honor the Bayou State.

A Closer Look at Vintage Delight

Vintage Delight is owned by Kristi Mistretta and her husband. They started their business together in 2018, finding a good market for their hand-poured, triple scented candles and highly fragranced wax melts. The company is proud of their origins and their scent list is reflective of the rich, cultural area in which they are located.

Vintage Delight Candle Company

Products Offered

At the time of this Vintage Delight Candle review, they offered three different candle sizes: 8 and 16 ounce mason jar style jars and a large, 36 ounce canister style candle. Their wax melts are all the traditional clamshell style. They also offer scented oil bottles and an oil lamp with a variety of dishes.

Product Reviews

We tested four of the wax melts from Vintage Delight: New Orleans Lady, Southern Magnolia, Hurricane, and Voodoo. We’re noting our initial thoughts below, and will be following up with full reviews for each individual item in the near future.

Vintage Delight Candle Company


Vintage Delights Voodoo Wax Melts

First up with the scent Voodoo. Perfect for the Louisiana scent list theme. On cold sniff, I found the scent fragrant and fresh. The cold sniff was super strong! Looking at the scent description: Sparkling clean, fresh citrus top notes followed by floral hints of lily with green woodsy bottom notes. I melted two cubes in a 24W hotplate melter. It was not long before I was surrounded by this intoxicating fragrance. It was super fresh and clean and seemed to have some green notes to it. This scent really did put a spell on me!


Another winner in the bunch was Hurricane. This scent was also super strong on cold sniff. The scent description: Clean, fresh, aldehydic green & citrusy fruity top notes with strawberry and jasmine type middle notes and sweet raspberry type of long lasting bottom notes. This fragrance was fruity, slightly sweet and absolutely delicious! The scent was strong and lasted several hours in my wax melter.

Vintage Delights Hurricane Wax Melts

Southern Magnolia

I absolutely love the smell of magnolia trees, so I was anxious to try this Southern Magnolia fragrance. The cold sniff was dead on and strong. Looking at the scent description I found: One of the South’s top fragrances. Floral top notes of magnolia, boosted by notes of jasmine, lily and rose with animalic bottom notes. Oh how wonderful this one was! It had that strong, white floral fragrance, but it was blended with some green notes and other florals to keep it from being too heady. This one was moderately strong in my melter, using 2 cubes.

Vintage Delight Southern Magnolia Wax Melts

New Orleans Lady

Vintage Delights New Orleans Lady Wax Melts

The last one I tried was an interesting blend, New Orleans Lady. The scent description is: Clean, fresh & fruity green top notes with jasmine, lily of the valley and lavender floral hints and hay, woody, earthy and musky bottom notes. This scent was fantastic and complex…just what you would expect from a NOLA gal! It was crisp and clean with sweet floral notes. Lovely!

Overall Impression of Vintage Delight

4.5 Stars

We found ourselves head over heels since trying the wax melts for this Vintage Delight Candle review. The scents are strong, complex, and long-lasting. We love that the scent list is not overwhelming and stays in keeping with an overall theme. The wax melts are a little difficult to pull apart based on the wax formulation that is used. Other than that, we found this company top notch!

These wax melts can be purchased on Vintage Delight’s website.

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