Mainstays Vanilla Wax Melts
Vanilla Scented Wax Melts – Mainstays

by Christina Rylan

Brand: Mainstays found at Walmart

Scent: Vanilla

Type: 2.5oz Clamshell Melts

Price: $2.00

Available at Walmart Stores


First Impression:

This brand is found at Walmart stores and boy is there a large variety to choose from. Unfortunately, I haven’t found too many fragrances from Mainstays I’ve liked enough to purchase so when I find one that smells decent… I’m all over it.

The label on these melts showed a picture of a vanilla cupcake with white icing swirled on top – yummy… the wax smelled like a sweet vanilla. The best part, it wasn’t plastic’y or fake at all… it reminded me of vanilla frosting.



I couldn’t find a scent description for this fragrance but one wasn’t really needed. The wax smelled like a sugary vanilla… light but nice.

I used the entire clamshell pack in 2 electric melters in my great room and once the wax was fully melted… the fragrance stayed pretty subtle. So subtle, it was hard making out the scent at all without my nose being right up to the melter. Bummer!! What I could smell was nice… a sweet and classic vanilla. I just wish it would have been stronger.

Would I recommend this scent? Totally up to you. It smelled good but I personally won’t purchase it again.

Happy melting!

~ Christina

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Presentation: 3/5
Authenticity: 3.5/5
Strength: 1/5

Overall rating: 2/5

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