Candle Review-Michigan Pure Soy Vanilla Orchid Almond
Vanilla Orchid & Almond, Michigan Pure Soy Candles

Product Name: Vanilla Orchid & Almond

Product Description: Rich, robust vanilla, blended with almond, and topped with light orchid notes.

Brand: Michigan Pure Soy Candles

Price: 14.99

Currency: USD

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Candlefind Says

This candle was a beautiful mix of sweet vanilla and a bright, light floral. 


  • Clean burn
  • Long lasting


  • Loose lid

Intro To My Candle Review

This is my third candle review for Michigan Pure Soy Candles and I am pretty sad to see it coming to an end. I’ve really been enjoying these candles! I have to admit, though, I was reluctant on this one – Vanilla Orchid & Almond – because I wasn’t sure if the notes would be agreeable for me. I’m picky about my vanillas, I can’t take overly floral scents, and almond can be overpowering. As I had a traveling gig coming up, I grabbed this candle and thought it’d be perfect to try it while on the go.

First Impressions of My Candle

From my prior reviews of Michigan Pure Soy Candles, you know that I’m not crazy about the loosey goosey lid. I’ve spoken to the owner and he has stated they are changing out the lids. I think that’s fantastic! That’s the sign of a company owner constantly evaluating and trying to improve on the products they send out the door. Brian states he’s admittedly a perfectionist, and I think it shows.

On to how the candle smelled – cold sniff, I smelled a nice, thick, creamy vanilla scent with just a hint of floral. The floral was light and slightly sweet, which made for a beautiful mix. I didn’t smell any almond notes on cold sniff.

Rich, robust vanilla, blended with almond, and topped with light orchid notes.

From Michigan Pure Soy Candles’ Website

Heading back to the cold sniff, I tried again to get the almond, but I must have been missing it. Still, this was a very pretty scent on cold sniff so I was excited to see what the burn would be like.

As this was a smaller candle, I lit it up in a bathroom to see what kind of throw I would get. I let this candle burn for about 30 minutes and that’s when I really started noticing the aroma. That thick vanilla mellowed out a bit and became very smooth and lilting. The floral notes were bright and light – very pretty and I could smell them swirling around. I got just hints of almond (which I describe as cherry notes) – very mild and in the background. I think this candle scent was more about the vanilla and light floral.

This candle was a perfect example of why scent strength and scent throw should be considered separately. The scent strength itself was a lighter, brighter type of scent which was perfect for these notes. The throw was fantastic, as it filtered on out into my entire hotel suite. I could walk anywhere in my suite and know this candle was burning. The soft beautiful aroma spread all throughout that space and made me feel very relaxed.

How Did My Candle Burn?

I let this candle burn for several hours on my first burn and got an almost full wax melt pool. There was a small rim of wax on the first burn, but as the candle burned down, this evened out. There was no black sooting noticed with this candle. Simple, clean burn. And slow! This candle lasted me about 45 hours, which was good for this size candle. I didn’t have to fiddle with the wick throughout the burn – I just kept it neatly trimmed between burns and that was it. Perfect!

Closing To My Candle Review

This was another great candle from Michigan Pure Soy Candles. A lighter, bright scent with a great throw. Super clean burn and long lasting – perfect! I’m happy to know the owner is changing out those lids because otherwise, these candles pass the mark. Vanilla Orchid & Almond was probably my favorite of the three I tried! This is one I would burn if I were having guests, as I think it would be pleasing for most without being overpowering. If you like soft florals and love you some vanilla, this would be a great one to try.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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