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Vanilla Candles – Pure Integrity CandlesPure Integrity Everything Vanilla Review,, the site for candle lovers

by Christina Rylan

Brand: Pure Integrity Soy Candles

Type: 16oz frosted jars

Caramel Vanilla
Vanilla Almond
Orange Vanilla
Vanilla Cappuccino

Cost: $19.99

Scent Strength: Very well fragranced


Introduction to my “everything vanilla” review from Pure Integrity Soy Candles:

If you’re familiar with Candlefind and reading our reviews, then you know Pure Integrity Candles are a favorite around here. And if you’re not familiar with Candlefind or Pure Integrity Candles, then you’ll soon figure out they are a favorite around here. It can’t be helped…. these candles are wonderful, strong and always consistent. And if you aren’t happy for whatever reason, this company stands by their products 100%. All you have to do is call or email them and they’re on it with a money back guarantee that can’t be beat. What consumer could ask for more than that? Now I know that no company can be totally perfect so if I were to name one thing I would like to see with this company, it would be their scent list… it isn’t big enough (for me anyway). I like big! I prefer a large selection so I may drool uponBest soy candles its glory and plot future orders. I’ve often asked PI why they don’t expand their scent selection as fast as other companies and the answer is always the same… this is what Jeff Schumacher, owner of Pure Integrity told me verbatim.

“Most candle companies use standard stock fragrances, they are not custom made. Pure Integrity fragrances are different from most candle fragrances on the market in two unique ways. We develop our own fragrances using a “fragrance technology” that allows them to absorb better with soy wax, resulting in a better and stronger scent throw. Also, all our fragrances are developed in a much healthier manner, specifically eliminating phthalates (a family of chemicals used in most candles; currently the EPA lists 6 phthalates as carcinogens but they do not restrict their use).So, because we have our fragrances custom made and test them extensively, it’s more expensive to develop and test and therefore, the process takes longer.”

I’ve often asked Pure Integrity why they don’t carry certain scents I love that the majority of candle companies offer and now I know why. They will not back down from their commitment of offering the healthiest candle possible, even at the expense of their sales. And if you think about it, that is extremely admirable. I also learned while asking questions for this review that even though this company is growing by leaps and bounds, they still hand pour each and every one of their candles because they refuse to compromise with the quality of each candle sold. And this company has a factory… this is not a small mom & pop operation. That amazes me!!

I commend this company in many ways and will continue to purchase this brand for many years to come! For this review, I decided to do something different and am reviewing all of Pure Integrity’s vanilla scents. Vanilla, Caramel Vanilla, Vanilla Almond, Orange Vanilla & Vanilla Cappuccino. That’s alotta Vanilla going on around here!


What does my Pure Integrity Soy Candles look Like?Pure-integrity-best-candles-soy

Pure Integrity candles are lovely and very simple, which I actually prefer. The jars are frosted with flat wood lids. No label graces any Pure Integrity candles except for the very bottom so it never detracts from the simplistic look of the candle. I just love the presentation of these candles. All Pure Integrity candles are double wicked (which I prefer) guaranteeing an even burn and normally, a much stronger scent throw. Double wicked candles tend to burn faster but I don’t care. Even burns and scent throw are my main requirement and these have always fit the bill in every way.

The colors of all my candles were as follows… My Vanilla candle was cream in color, Caramel Vanilla was a light tan, Vanilla Almond a cream color, Orange Vanilla orange of course and Vanilla Cappuccino a tan color. Pretty straightforward colors to match the scents themselves.

We’re changing this review up a bit and separating each fragrance to it’s own page. Below are the links to each fragrance we reviewed.