Valor Candles review

by Christina Rylan

Brand: Valor Candles

Type: 4oz tin plus 2 samples

Fragrance: Humidor, Parlor and Datenight

Cost: $12.59

Scent Strength: Medium/Strong


Introduction to my Valor Candle review:

Valor Candles (upon first impression) struck me as a very hip and modern site. It’s also a company that caters to the male species of candle lovers. Different, right?… I love it! It’s defining and unique. How many sites have you found that cater specifically to men and their taste? Not many but it makes it easy when shopping for your hubby or a fathers day gift. They carry candles, soaps, shave kits, air fresheners and gift sets making it a one stop shop for your man. COOL!!!!

Valor Candles was created in 2006 by owners Johnny Rohrbeck and Jeff Frankenfield who sought to develop a line of fragrances that men would enjoy, that would be inspired by specific places or events typically considered to be “manly” in nature. It took them 5 years to Valor Candles reviewformulate and plan their line and once they did, Valor Candles launched in August 2011. And let me tell ya something… these two are go getters! I follow them on Facebook and have fun watching them market. They constantly have specials and giveaways, post regularly on our Candlefind forum to keep us abreast of the latest and travel all over offering their candles as gifts. Their recent event they sponsored was at the Daytime Emmy’s a few months ago.

Their website is very well designed, easy to navigate which I always appreciate. They don’t have many scents to choose from (7 that I could see) but I like that the scent descriptions are under each listings so you know exactly what you’re ordering. This review actually came about because I won a Facebook contest and was sent a 4oz tin along with two samples in the scents Humidor, Parlor and Datenight. I’ll be reviewing all three.



What does my Valor Candle look like?Valor Candles review

My candle is a silver tin style container with really slick black labeling wrapped around the entire candle plus a black round label covering the lid with the Valor logo in the center. My candle had one wick. Humidor had a light tan brown color wax, Parlor white, Datenight red.



What did my candle and samples smell like?


First sniff, medium/strong –  very manly scent… reminded me of Humidor scents candle review from Valor Candlescologne or aftershave. Here’s the scent description:

“The relaxing aroma of tobacco and cedar”

These tins are not really big so burning them in smaller rooms would probably work best. I decided on a large bathroom to test this one out. Took about an hour or so before I started to notice the scent and once I did, I liked it a lot.  I couldn’t really make out tobacco or cedar… to me, it was a perfect bathroom scent, airy, subtle and it reminded me of soap. I would totally dig this in bath and body and I know my hubby would too. 🙂




First sniff, very strong scent. Here is the scent description from Valor Candles site:

“The distinctive fragrances of a classic barbershop.”Parlor scented candle review from Valor Candles

First question I asked myself, what exactly does a barbershop smell like? I had no clue and honestly, I had no idea what I was smelling when I sniffed this cold. Perfume? Shaving cream maybe but one note I swear I could smell was baby powder. I totally smelled baby powder and a mix of men’s cologne or something. I’m totally clueless on describing this one other than the above and I gotta say… it was so strong, it was making my eyes water.

I put this little sample tin on my downstairs electric warmer and within minutes, the scent traveled through my entire house. On a scale of 1 to 10, this was definitely a 10. I actually had to remove it after a few hours, it was just too strong. – so final analysis… if you love perfume-ee type scents and knock your socks off strong… give Parlor a try for sure!




This was my favorite of the three scents I sampled. I loved the name which drew me to pick it. Who doesn’t remember “date night” with Datenight scented candle from Valor Candlesyour boyfriends?

Scent description from Valor Candles site:

“Romance is in the air with this complex, inviting fragrance.”

Datenight smelled exactly like yummy and fresh masculine (everyday) cologne. Very inviting and “fresh” is the best description to give this scent.

This is another nice bathroom fragrance. Very much recommend this one.



Candle flameHow did my Valor candle burn?

I had a really tough time getting a full melt pool with this candle in the beginning but it finally stabled out about halfway down. I always had a nice flame. Very little wick maintenance was needed.



Closing to my review:

I can’t attest to the ordering process on this site since I won a contest but these guys sure are quick to answer questions and theyClosing to my review shipped my prize package to me within days of winning. I had an awesome experience.Johnny and Jeff are very motivated guys who love what they do and it shows. Very refreshing experience all around.  So if you’re looking for something special and unique for a man in your life whether it be husband, father, brother, boyfriend… you may want to  give Valor Candles a try. I think I may have to try their shave kits for some Christmas gifts this year.

Oh, and be sure to check out their “Deal of the day” specials too where you can score big on their candles and other goodies.

Happy candle shopping!

~ Christina

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