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Decorating is one of the most enjoyable aspects of any holiday season, and there are many ways that you can choose to decorate your home. Candles are a great way to express cheer and creativity, and can really go a long way toward setting a festive mood; no matterChristmas ball what holiday you are celebrating. Since we often associate scents with memories, you can make a big impact on your family, friends, and visitors with just a few candles in your home during the holidays.



Equating Holidays With Scents

Scent is one of the first things that people recognize about a particular person’s house. If you were to think back to your childhood, what is one of the first things that you remember when you think about your grandparents’ home? For most of us, it is the smell of something in particular that brings a smile to our faces. The smell of freshly baked bread is normally a trigger for fond memories, and candles can offer the same opportunity in scents like “pumpkin pie” or “blackberry cobbler”.

To set the mood for a holiday, choose a great scent for your home. Candles offer a feeling of warmth and family togetherness, and a scent that matches the occasion can really enhance that feeling tremendously. For instance, for a great Christmas gathering, choose a peppermint scent or pine tree scent that is not overpowering. For Valentine’s Day, consider a lavender or flower-oriented scent that will remind your loved ones of the bouquets they picked for Mom as children.



Choosing a Great Candle

Candles are about more than scent alone and they can do more to enhance your decor than you might initially imagine. You can use the color, texture, and/or shape of a candle to augment the rest of your home’s décor, or use candles as accessories that add a finishing Christmas candlestouch to celebrate a holiday or special occasion.

Choosing a great candle depends on the holiday and the mood you are trying to establish. You can choose a candle based on scent, shape, style, color, or even emotion. For example, you can choose a variety of pastel colored candles to add fun to your Easter decor; or red and blue star shaped candles for an Independence Day celebration.



Candle Versatility

One final benefit of candles is the versatility they bring to your holiday decor. A candle need not be only for a specific holiday, and it is often easy to incorporate the same candles for multiple holidays, and even days or celebrations that are not holidays; for example patriotic theme red, white and blue candles can be used for Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Flag Day. They are inexpensive, so it is a great budget-saving accessory, and they can be used in any room. Your holidays are one step closer to being memorable if you choose candles as a great accessory in your home.


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