Up North Creations Wax Melts
Up North Creations Mystery Shop Review
Up North Creations Wax Melts

Store Name: Up North Creations

Store Description: Up North Creations is an indie wax vendor that uses a custom-blended wax to create all sorts of wax melts. They offer ready to ship and made to order products.

Price range: $0.65 - $10

Address: US

  • Ordering Process
  • TAT
  • Unboxing Experience
  • Overall Impression of Products

Candlefind Says

Up North Creations has fabulous custom blends, a great scent list, and super fast TAT. 


  • Generous with freebies
  • Strong scents
  • Very reasonable prices


  • Scent availability varies

Why Up North Creations

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Up North Creations, especially in their Facebook group. They were having a great 40% off sale, so I just couldn’t resist making a purchase. 

Up North Creations Wax Melts


Products Ordered

  • Birthday Cake, large scent shot
  • Lavender & Mac Apple, large scent shot
  • Wintery Candy Apple, large scent shot
  • Yuletide, large scent shot
  • Misfit
  • Strawberry Margarita/Key Lime Pie, small loaf
  • Holiday Kitchen with Extra Sugar Cookie, small loaf
  • Orange Zucchini Bread/Sugar Cookie, mini loaf
  • Hot Apple Pie/Ice Cream Parlor, cutie cube
  • Peachy Keen/Salt Water Taffy, 4 pack cubes

Freebies IncludedUp North Creations Wax Melts

  • Peachy Keen wax melt
  • Peppermint wax melt
  • Avo Bath wax melt
  • Barber Shop wax melt

Ordering Process

I placed my order during a 40% off sitewide sale. I had no difficulty navigating the website or adding items to my cart. The ready to ship and made to order items were clearly marked and the was a wide variety of items to choose from. I didn’t feel like I had to rush to place my order. I did have some items in my cart that were sold out when I returned a couple of days later, but there were plenty more items to choose from. Checkout was smooth – easy, peasy.


I had a super fast turn around time, despite some made to order items in my order. My order was shipped within the same week with delivery a few days later.


Unboxing Experience

I loved opening up this box! It smelled wonderful as soon as I opened it. The products inside were padded well with pillow pockets and bubble wrap. Each item was individually packaged and labeled well. I had Thank You stickers on the outside of the packages. I was tickled pink with all the freebies included – sweet! Super cute and fun to unwrap!

Up North Creations Wax Melts

Impression of Individual Products

The products I got were just as fun to look at as they were to melt. I had a few scents that just weren’t “for me,” but that’s to be expected. Overall, I thought they were all high quality and I would definitely be a repeat customer. 

Product TypeScent NameScent DescriptionCommentsRepurchase?
Snowman wax meltPeachy KeenRipe juicy peaches with a hint of strawberry and vanillaFresh, realistic peach scent – I could even smell the fuzz! There were light hints of green strawberry notes. Moderately strong and long lasting.Yes
Square Wax MeltBarber ShopFresh, crisp bergamot and sweet aromatic spices, tart orange zest and fresh, clean notesThis one was fresh and clean, cologne-y to me. Not really my type of scent. Moderately strong. No 
Large Scent ShotBirthday CakeWhite cake topped with butter cream frostingYummy, delicious! I could smell the freshly baked cake and the sweet, creamy frosting. Moderately strong. Yes
Large Scent ShotWintery Candle AppleCrispy apple, pineapple, orange zest and cinnamon with sandalwood, musk and patchouliLoved this scent. Citrusy and bright, this was a room filler. I didn’t get the patchouli notes. Strong.Yes
Cube overpoursPeachy Keen/Salt Water TaffyRipe juicy peaches with a hint of strawberry and vanilla/Strawberry, raspberry, banana, Bing cherry, wild berry & creamy vanilla taffyPeachy Keen all grown up with more vanilla notes than anything. Some cherry/fruity notes. Moderately strong.No, not really my scent preference. 
Large Scent ShotLavender & Mac AppleA blend of sweet Mac Apple and herbal LavenderLoved this mix of fruity and floral. More of the apple notes but mixed well with a strong lavender. Strong.Yes
Large Scent ShotYuletideA holiday gift basket filled with citrus fruits and spicesWarm, cozy, and spicy. Hints of citrus notes to keep it from being too heavy. Great holiday scent, strong. Yes
Cube Wax MeltMisfitn/aInteresting! I got a little bit of spice and some bakery notes. Not sure what was in it, but a fun surprise! Moderately strong. Yes
Small LoafStrawberry Margarita/Key Lime PieJuicy, sweet strawberries blended with a touch of lime /Bitter lime and lemon zests with a vanilla creamThis was a green strawberry scent, fairly strong. The key lime pie mixed well with it and added some tartness. It had that sour twang of many key lime pie scents that I can only take so much of. No, due to the Key Lime Pie notes
Small LoafHoliday Kitchen with Extra Sugar Cookie?Not sure what to make of this one! It smelled kind of like a snickerdoodle cookie to me with a little extra spice to it. No
Mini LoafOrange Zucchini Bread/Sugar CookieMmmm! Yummy! I love zucchini bread scents, and this one with a hint of orange was just the right touch. I think the ZB overpowered the sugar cookie, but it was still a great scent. Moderately strong. Yes
Cutie CubeHot Apple Pie/Ice Cream ParlorSpiced apple and clove with cinnamon and sugar in a warm pie crust/A blend of vanilla, cake cones, chocolate, caramel and sweetness


So. Delicious. I could smell the hot apple pie goodness complete with a buttery crust and creamy vanilla ice cream. This one made me hungry. Moderately strong.Yes
4 Pack Cube Wax MeltsPeachy Keen/Salt Water TaffyRipe juicy peaches with a hint of strawberry and vanilla/Strawberry, raspberry, banana, Bing cherry, wild berry & creamy vanilla taffyThis one was really fruity but I liked how the peach notes stayed prominent. I wasn’t getting the vanilla-y notes. This one was a bit lighter to me than the others. Yes
Square Wax MeltAvo BathFresh citrus and lemongrass with delightful piney undertonesThis was a great freebie for me as I love this scent in general. It is so fresh and crisp and clean – swoon worthy! This was a great dupe and was really strong. Yes


Final Thoughts

What a great experience we had shopping from Up North Creations. From the time we placed our order to the time we turned off the wax warmers, we really couldn’t have been more pleased. We count this place as a Candlefind favorite and we are looking forward to seeing what creations they come up with next! 

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