I know…I get it. Most people think of candles as more appropriate for Mother’s Day gifts. And while I think there are some great candle gifts for that occasion, let’s not sleep on Father’s Day! Men love candles, too, and there are some great scents to be found. There’s still time to let your fingers do the walking and get something spectacular for him this Father’s Day.

The Little Market, Personalized Happy Father’s Day Candle

Happy Father's Day Gift Candle

While you can order this candle in any of their available scents, The Little Market makes no bones about this candle being a specific Father’s Day gift. In fact, you are able to personalize the candle, to make it even that more special. Search for their Best Dad Ever candle lineup and choose from over 50 available scents. This is a gift sure to please!

A-1 Meat Scents

If you’re looking for A-1 Meat Scents to help you out this year, you’re smooth out of luck. They launched this line of candles last year and yes…they are already sold out this year. Bummer! But hey – you may be able to score one of these on eBay or Amazon.

Cabin In The Woods by Goose Creek Candles

Goose Creek Candles has some amazing scents, and Cabin In The Woods is no exception. Warm, cozy, and woodsy…this candle is listed under their category of “Candles for Men.” It’s a fantastic scent and I don’t think you could go wrong choosing this one. Of course, there are a number of other contenders from this company. Try checking out some of our other reviews of Goose Creek Candles.

Teakwood & Tobacco from P.F. Candle Company

I love the candles from P. F. Candle Company, and, truthfully, they have a lot of great options for Father’s Day gifts. One that definitely comes to mind is Teakwood & Tobacco. Depending on your gift recipient’s scent preferences, this one has pretty good potential to please. It’s smooth and relaxing – a great scent combination for gals & girls, in my opinion!

Mahogany Teakwood from Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works always has something up their sleeves. They have a wide range of options that might make great Father’s Day gifts. Given their easy accessibility and current sales, this is probably a safe bet for those of us who have yet to secure our gifts. Yeah…I’m talking to you. Mahogany Teakwood is a personal favorite of mine and may make a great choice for the father you’re shopping for.

Sea Salt Surf from Village Candle

If the man you’re shopping for prefers more of the oceanic, water-based scents, I don’t think you can go wrong with Sea Salt Surf from Village Candle. It’s got that watery twang to it and yet it is very smooth and relaxing. It’s a limited edition scent, though, so if interested, be sure to snap one up quickly.

Marine, LAFCO

On another water-based scent note, LAFCO makes a great scent called Marine that is to die for. This one has a little more of the ozone, perfumey notes, but it may just be the scent to please. If you are trying to plunk down a pretty penny, go for the 3-wick candle. Luxury at its finest!

Waffle Cone, Spotted Hog Candle Company

Spotted Hog Candles

Maybe the dad in your life loves a good bakery scented candle. No one quite does bakery like The Spotted Hog Candle Company, and there are a number of great scents to choose from. My personal go-to is Waffle Cone. Mmm, mmm, good!

Sicilian Lemon, Yankee Candle Company

Sicilian Lemon

This scent is crisp, clean, and refreshing – perfect for a June summer day. While Yankee Candle has been on my naughty list lately due to decreasing scent throws, this little gem is worth its weight in lemony gold. It doesn’t overpower but can leave the house smelling oh so fresh. Sicilian Lemon is not as sweet as their beloved Meyer Lemon, but I think this would certainly do the trick for a man who loves clean, fresh scents. Read Christina’s previous review of this Yankee Candle scent. 

Sugared Spruce, Pure Integrity Candles

OK, hear me out on this one. Sugared Spruce is NOT just a winter holiday scent. This scent is clean, crisp, and oh so good! I think most men (and women) would enjoy this gem from Pure Integrity Candles.

Cedar & Lavender, ScentSationals

Ok, it’s Saturday night and you’re in Wal-Mart scrambling for a Father’s Day gift. I’m not here to judge. Trip on over to the wax melts and see if you can find Cedar & Lavender from ScentSationals. This particular fragrance has a little bit of woodsy mix with a little bit of floral which makes a really good combination in my book.

Hopefully you’ll find something suiting among these suggestions. Or you could get a male’s perspective on great candles they will enjoy by checking out this Candlefind article: 10 Best Man Candles. 

Do you gift or receive candles for Father’s Day? If so, what are you favorites?

Happy candle burning!


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