Tru Melange Everyday Pillars

by Julia WootenTru Melange Everyday Candle Review

Brand: Tru Melange

Type: Pillar style Everyday Candles

Aphrodisia (Lemon & Ylang Ylang)
Revive (Spearmint & Eucalyptus)
Uplifting (Litsea & Lemongrass)

Cost: $14.49 – $20.99

Scent Strength: Varied


Introduction to my review:

After reviewing the SOL Candle collection from Tru Melange, I moved on to their Everyday collection of pillars. In addition to pillars, Tru Melange offers a variety of candle styles from cool looking glass container candles to votives and tins. What makes the Tru Melange candles special is their natural ingredients. Tru Melange uses natural beeswax and soy, cotton braided wicks, 100% pure essential oils and eco-friendly powder dyes to make their candles.

Their website is pretty. It was easy to navigate and the photos were clear, although no photo could do justice to seeing Tru Melange candles in person. This was my first time burning a beeswax and soy pillar so I was excited about lighting these up.



What do my candles look like?

Hooray for pillars! Pillars mean that I get to play in the wax. The pillars were wrapped with a paper label thatTru Melange Everyday Candle Review offered tons of information about the candles. The labels were mainly white accented by colors coordinated with the wax, with a photo representing each scent. The scent name was clearly labeled, along with information about the candle’s ingredients and a brief description of the feeling each essential oil fragrance was meant to invoke.

The tops of the pillars were protected by a cardboard disk with a beeswax motif and the Tru Melange name. In addition to the other labeling, each candle had an instruction sticker that explained how to properly burn these candles for optimum performance. All of this labeling made the pillars look sort of like canned goods. I appreciated all of the information on the labels, but I much preferred the candles’ appearance after I removed all of the labeling and packaging. The wax colors were very pretty. Tru Melange offers fragranced candles in a rainbow of hues depending on the scent. Aphrodisia was yellow. Revive and Uplifting were both green.



How did my candles smell?Aphrodisia scented candle from Tru Melange

 Lemon & Ylang Ylang, named: Aphrodisia

Specializing in aromatherapy candles with 100% pure essential oils makes for interesting scent descriptions. Not only do we get an idea of what we will smell but also how the particular scent may affect our mood. Tru Melange describes the smell of lemon and ylang ylang as:

“A sensuous floral bouquet with mild aphrodisiac properties that will captivate the senses & enhance intimate conversation.”

Aphrodisia had a soft lemony smell to it. Although it boasts a sensuous floral bouquet, I smelled more of the lemon essential oil than the Ylang Ylang. I was certainly able to smell the Ylang Ylang, but my nose picked up on the lemon mostly. The pillar smelled great! If I needed one word to describe this candle it would be creamy. I know that’s an odd word for a candle scent, but with the smooth look of the yellow wax and the satiny lemon scent, it was like lemon cream.

The pillar was well scented. The scent was understandably lighter than a wax melt would be, but in the realm of pillar wax, this candle had a good, solid throw.

As far as the scent enhancing intimate conversation…well… you’ll have to try this scent yourself to find out. I’m not one to kiss and tell.



Spearmint & Eucalyptus, named: Revive

Revive Everyday Pillar candle from Tru MelangeAptly named, Revive was described like this:

“Mind clearing aromas that leave you utterly refreshed & brimming with new ideas & creative possibilities.”

This was one strongly scented candle. I was amazed that the fragrance was coming from a pillar. In my experience, pillars are generally more lightly scented than container candles or melts, but this Revive pillar smelled as strong as any container candle could hope to be. Spearmint and Eucalyptus are both strong fragrance types to begin with and this candle was made with 100% pure essential oils so I shouldn’t have been surprised by the scent strength.

The fragrance itself smelled bright and refreshing. I prefer the smell of spearmint over peppermint and this candle had buckets of spearmint scent…chewing gum, anyone? Yes, it did smell like spearmint gum, but in a good way. The eucalyptus took away some of the sweetness and gave the fragrance a clean, fresh finish.



Litsea & Lemongrass, named: Uplifting

I found this to be an interesting scent description.

“A blend to inspire witty conversation & the sharing of deep confidences.”Tru Melange Everyday Candle Review

I took this description to heart and thought I would use this scent as sort of a secret truth serum. I’m all for witty banter and maybe I could use Litsea & Lemongrass to find some deep dark family secrets or at least get a more detailed answer to “How was your day?”. I kept this candle front and center on my kitchen counter. The kitchen is the most likely place to find witty conversation in my home. From cracks about my cooking skills to fart jokes, it all happens in my kitchen. So, when my son sat down at the counter for a snack I jumped at the chance to share his innermost thoughts. I dropped my wittiest question. “How was school?”. To that, he shared his deepest confidential response… “Fine.”

The essential oils of litsea and lemongrass both have a lemony fragrance quality to them, but neither is meant to mimic a true lemon scent. This candle was just that. It smelled lemony…but different. It certainly wasn’t a foody scent. Litsea & Lemongrass smelled fresh and green, citrusy and even a bit floral. It smelled really good. This scent was not as strong, to my nose, as Spearmint & Eucalyptus, but it was very well balanced.



Candle flameHow did my candles burn?

Each of these pillars had a removable sticker affixed with instructions on how to get the best performance from them. As instructed, I kept my wicks trimmed to ¼ inch and burned each of these pillars for a maximum burn session of 3 hours. I needed to keep a close eye on these to make sure the melt pool didn’t reach the candle edges. There were times when I extinguished them before the three hours was up, and there were a couple of annoying incidences of wax runoff. It was like burning a container candle without the container. As long as the melt pool didn’t grow too large, all was good. The wax, although completely solid and firm, seemed a bit softer than paraffin pillars. After they had burned a while it was easy to press the wax edges in. Tunneling was never an issue. The wicks flames stayed strong throughout the burn.



Closing to my review…

I certainly have enjoyed the candles I’ve tried from Tru Melange. I was able to check out these pillars from their Everyday Candle collection and previously reviewed Tru Melange’s SOL Candle collection. You can check out that review here. Tru Melange Everyday Candle Review

Aside from the pillar wax runoff, my experience with Tru Melange was favorable. The website looked great and was easy to navigate. My order was shipped promptly and was well packaged. The products I tried were beautiful and well fragranced. I highly recommend Tru Melange for pretty, natural candles with clever blends of pure essential oils. Aromatherapy never smelled so good.

Happy candle burning!

~ Julia

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