By Keith E. Stringer
Owner of Suzzette’s Cabin Candles

What is a triple scented candle that is such a selling point when buying candles? I, along with other chandler’s have pondered this question for years. What makes a candle triple scented or better yet, triple scented compared to what?

Let’s take a few moments and look at the main components of a scented candle. There are three main ingredients in a candle:Confused woman candle

~ Wax

~ Wick

~ Fragrance

Wax This is the “vehicle” so to speak that brings the fragrance to the party. There are so many wax formula’s and blends out there such as Paraffin to natural waxes like Soy, Palm and Bee’s wax. To get technical, most waxes have an oil retention ratio of 5% to 12%. What does that mean? This ratio is the amount of fragrance a specific wax can absorb before it separates or bleeds. When you exceed these ratios a candle can become unstable or unsafe to burn. It can also cause a candle to smoke or not burn at all.

Wicks – There are just as many choices for wicks, if not more. There are different lengths, sizes from the diameter of the wick, to what the core of the wick is made of. The size of the wick is so important because this will determine the pool burn around the wick. Too large of a wick and the candle will burn too fast which will cause the candle to smoke. Too small of a wick and the wick will drown itself in the
wax pool. Sometimes a candle may require 2 or more wicks to get the candle to burn correctly.

Fragrance – Now, here we are. The fragrance! This is why we are really here, right? This is really where the “triple scented” part of this mystery lurks.There are more choices in fragrances than there are in wax and wick choices. You can buy fragrances already created from fragrance houses that just sell fragrance oils to those that are blended in house by candle companies. Here is where it gets a little trickier. You see, each fragrance can have a different viscosity or thickness. What does that mean? It means a pound of “Apple” may be more by volume then let’s say a pound of a “Cake Bake” fragrance oil.

Here’s an example: We have 2 – 24 ounce volume jars. We are going to pour 1 pound of each of the fragrances into each jar. The “Cake Bake” which is a thicker, heavier oil only fills the container ½ full while the “Apple” fragrance oil fills the same jar ¾ full. Not totally equal is it?

Triple Scented CandleI am not going to go into each chemical that makes up each fragrance, just know there are many. There are also many different ratios in fragrance strengths. But for company “A” to say that their candle is triple scented compared to company “B”. Is not an apple to apples comparison, unless company “A” knows for a fact they use the exact same fragrance and wax as company “B”.

What does this mean to you as a consumer? Knowledge! I have been in the candle business long enough to have seen the “double scented candle” days and now we have the “triple scented” era.

So, keep this in mind the next time you’re buying candles. “Triple scented” compared to what??

In the end, I think we are all looking for the same thing, a strong smelling candle. So do I have a definitive answer to the question, “What is a Triple Scented Candle”? I guess I will have to steal my answer from that wise old Owl from the Tootsie Pop commercials, “The world may never know.”

About the author:
Keith Stringer has been making candles since 1997. His company started out in Frankston Texas and later moved to a location outside of Canton Texas in 2002. Suzette’s Cabin Candles is family owned and run company founded by Keith and his in-law’s, James and Tina Parker. The company was named after his wife Suzzette. 🙂

Both Keiths’s sons work in his factory along with employee’s who have been with them for over 10+ years… they are a big happy family.

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