Since we already celebrated National Beer Can Appreciation Day, we couldn’t let the day end without a celebration of National Beer Day 2020. We’ve been under an undue amount of stress lately, so we can think of nothing better to help us relax than to buy more candles…specifically beer candles! Here are 4 of our top recommendations.

1. 716 Candle Company

716 Candle Company

These beer candles from 716 Candle Company include soy wax and your choice of scent. They have several scents to choose from, but we’re partial to Tea & Lemon Grass. You can even get this candle unscented if you like.

2. Wax & Tin Candle Company

Wax & Tin Candle Company

These candles from Wax & Tin Candle Company feature beer cans from local craft breweries. Located in Homewood, Alabama, this company provides these candles in just a handful of scents but they all sound delicious.

3. Barley & Hops Craft Beer Candles

Barley & Hops Craft Beer Candles

C’mon…you knew with a name like Barley & Hops Craft Beer Candles that we were gonna go there. Don’t sleep on this company with a nice selection of beer candles and more. The soy wax blend candles come in these beautiful amber jars that add a sense of elegance we can’t deny.

4. Swag Brewery

Swag Brewery

Not to be outdone, Swag Brewery offers up soy blend candles in recycled beer bottles. The blends are complex and what’s more, they’re currently on sale!

As the day winds down, this list should give you a good inkling of what to do with yourself this evening. So pop the top on a cold one, grab your credit card, and #buymorecandles.

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