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Candle Review: Texas Triple Scented Candles


by Lisa Carter

Brand: Texas Triple Scented Candles

Type: 6 oz single-wicked jar,
a 10 oz double-wicked aromatherapy jar
and a 16 oz double-wicked jar
2 oz jumbo wax tarts in assorted shapes

Fragrances: Jazzberries, Exotic,
and Lemon Lavender

Cost: $7.50 – $20.50 each
depending on size

Burn time: Approx. 50-60 hrs for the small jar;
100-120 hrs for the larger ones

Scent Strength:
Very Strong 

Introduction to my Review:

OK, so I’ve just picked myself off the floor from laughing at Julia’s Diner Scent review! I can’t even imagine what my long-suffering family would say if I melted bacon or pickle scents in the house. Hopefully I can refresh Julia’s nose after that somewhat stinky experience (though she has me dying to try those Fresh Baked Bread and Coca-Cola scents) – and everyone else’s too – with three fruity fragrances from Texas Triple Scented Candles.Texas Triple Scented is based in Porter, Texas and like many of these great mom-and-pop candle companies, grew out of owner Teri Askew’s candle-making hobby into a huge and thriving online candle store. And I mean huge – this company is definitely Texas-sized!! There are so many scented item choices available that it’s hard to take it all in. There are more than 1,000 scents to pick from, and you can get just about try any scented item imaginable – jar candles, shaped container candles, bakery-style candles, wax tarts, aroma beads, pillars, votives, tealights, fragrance oils, wax dipped stuffed animals… need I go on? Not to mention the fact that you can customize your own candles by choosing the wax type, scent strength, and color in addition to the scent – you can even create your own scent if you like. How cool is that?



What did my candles from Texas Triple Scented Candles look like?

In a word, gorgeous. To begin with, all of the candles and tarts are made of beautiful palm wax (though I can’t tell if it was the straight palm that they offer, or Teri’s own special blend of waxes.) I am becoming a HUGE fan of palm wax – I love the crystallized sheen to it, it burns clean and usually has a fabulous throw – plus when it’s used in tarts, they slip right out of the melters without me having to take a chisel to them after they’ve cooled. I asked Teri to surprise me and use whatever colors she Texas Triple Scented Candles Reviewfelt like in making up the candles. The Jazzberries scent arrived in a grapey-purple color, Exotic was dyed a beautiful mango/orange color, and Lemon Lavender was a sunny yellow.All of the jars were a cylinder or round style – very elegant and unfussy – with equally uncluttered small gray and white labels. The10 oz Exotic candle had a flat glass lid and the other two candles came with gold lids. Both the 10 and 16 oz sizes had double wicks, and the wicks in all the candles were 100% cotton – another big plus in my book. I think the zinc core wicks tend to smoke more and they can be a real pain in the drain to trim, so I love it when companies use all cotton wicks.

The tarts are enormous and came in four different shapes – round (almost the exact same size and shape as a hockey puck), star, and flower-shaped (this looked like a traditional fluted tart). All of them except for the flower had to be cut in half before melting so that my melters wouldn’t overflow.



How did my candles from Texas Triple Scented Candles smell?


Like many of the scents I like to try, this one hooked me with the unique name – I mean, what the heck is a jazzberry? It’s described as:

“A blend of fruity mountain berry type notes with hints of grape and a strong undertone of vanilla.”

When I first opened Jazzberries scented candle review,, the site for candle loversthe lid, the first thing that struck me were the grape notes, so I picked it to burn first in deference to my son, who loves grape scents. I lit it in the powder room and then a little while later – holy cow! Despite its tiny size (this was the 6 oz jar), this candle really threw – it scented the whole bathroom and drifted down the hallway.

And what a delicious fruity scent… very rich and creamy, like a Purple Cow. (I love Purple Cows, which are the grape soda version of a root beer float. Can you tell that I am, well, sometimes less than sophisticated in both my scent and food/drink choices? I also like slushes.) This is definitely a scent that’s more on the fun and playful side of the spectrum and I’m not surprised that it would appeal to kids (and to me). In spite of the website description, I thought that the grape notes in this scent dominated, with lesser amounts of the berry fragrance. I could also detect the vanilla which softened the scent and gave it a great finish. Yum! This is definitely one that I would get again.



Lemon Lavender

I have loved the original Lemon Lavender fragrance ever since Yankee Candle came out with it a few years back, and have been searching high and low to find vendors that have duplicated it. Surprisingly, there aren’t too many out there that carry it although the number is growing. So it was a no-brainer to pick this when I found it on Lemon Lavender Scented Candle Review,, the site for candle loversTexas’ list.

Based on my experience with the Jazzberries I figured that Lemon Lavender would be pretty strong, so I started it off in the computer room rather than the bathroom. This was the right move as the candle filled the whole room and drifted all the way down to the hallway to the living room, filled that, and started to drift upstairs. While it sounds like it might be nauseatingly strong, it was actually never in the least overwhelming, just far-throwing. Awesome!

The scent itself leaned a little more toward the lavender side than the lemon (Yankee’s version tends to be more lemony), but on the whole the combo was pretty well balanced. The powdery herbal/floral scent of the lavender was nicely spiced up with tart, fresh lemon. While not a spot-on dupe of the Yankee version, I would add Texas Triple Scented’s Lemon Lavender to my scent arsenal in a heartbeat.




Like Jazzberries I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the scent name. The website Exotic scented candle review,, the site for candle loversdescribes it as:

“Peach, strawberry, melon and cassis on an undertone of apple create a truly unique fragrance.”

Although a little lighter than my other Texas Triple candles, I thought that Exotic was really a beautiful scent. The melon really pops in this one with the peach, cassis and strawberry notes underneath (I really couldn’t detect much of the apple). This fragrance reminded me of a delicious fresh fruit cocktail and would be a fabulous choice for a spring and summer candle, if you’re like me and tend to be a seasonal burner.

The throw for my Exotic candle was a little more modest than the Lemon Lavender – it filled the computer room and drifted down the hall. Which is just fine, in my opinion – many of the candles I burn from other companies struggle to even fill my little bathroom downstairs, let alone the computer room!



Candle flameHow did my candles from Texas Triple Scented Candles burn?

Aside from some slight mushrooming to the wicks, these candles had a great burn. They formed edge-to-edge melt pools very quickly with not a trace of wax stuck on the sides, and if the wicks were kept trimmed there was no smoking or sooting. No need for jar toppers with these! I loved the performance of my tarts from Texas Triple Scented as well. Aside from the easy removal which comes with any palm wax product, these tarts were amazingly strong and long lasting. Both the Lemon Lavender and Exotic tarts lasted about 24 hours nonstop in my electric warmer, and the Jazzberries lasted an unheard-of 48 hours. (For each scent I melted the equivalent of a standard one-ounce tart.) The throw on all of them was excellent with the Exotic tart, like its candle counterpart, being a little more reserved.



Closing to my review…

My final thoughts? I have just found a new go-to candle company. (In fact, my husband heaved a loud sigh when I announced that I was plotting another order. Too bad!) I LOVE these candles and tarts!! Everything about my experience with Texas Triple Scented was wonderful from start to finish: Teri the owner is super nice and provides great customer service; the product and scent selection are wonderful; the presentation is fabulous; and the candles and tarts are top notch.Thumbs up,, the site for candle loversMy only quibbles with this vendor are really minor. The first is the “busyness” of the website – with so many choices available it’s easy to get confused, and I found myself flipping back and forth a lot to scent lists and such. And because there’s so much going on, some things get lost in the shuffle, like a close up picture of each type of jar candle. Another minor issue concerns the tart quantities – you can only buy them in single-scent 12 packs. This can turn into a major amount of tarts in one scent- the equivalent of 24 if you pick the jumbo tart shapes – and it can give pause to even a dedicated melter like me to have 24 tarts in the same scent. All I can say is you better love the scent you pick for your tarts, because you’ll have a lot of it!

But these are really minor nit-picks and certainly won’t affect my decision to buy (lots) more candles from Texas Triple Scented Candles. I can’t wait to place my next order!!**Oh, and one final note – make sure you follow the link below when shopping with this company, or if you search for it on the web, look for Texas Triple Scented Candles in Porter, Texas. There is another candle vendor based in North Richland Hills, Texas with a very similar name, Triple Scent Candles, and it’s easy to confuse the two. While this other company may also make very fine candles, I have not tried or reviewed them and they are not the same company as Texas Triple Scented Candles.**Happy Candle Smelling!

~ Lisa

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