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by Christina Rylan

Brand: The Spotted Hog Candle Co.

Mind Rest & Cappuccino Ice Cream

16oz Contemporary Jars

Burn time:
120 to 140 hours

Scent Strength:
Mind Rest – lightly fragranced
Cappuccino Ice Cream – Medium+


Introduction to my Spotted Hog Candle review…

The Spotted Hog Candle Co. is a big favorite of mine and definitely listed in my top 5. So far, all the scents I’ve tried have been strong, consistent and burn perfectly. Tarrah, the owner of Spotted Hog loves bakery scents so she tends to carry a wider selection of bakery goodies, which is great for bakery lovers out there. I on the other hand tend to love the tart and sweet fruity scents which she’s expanding on, YIPPEE!

My candle of choice with this company are their 16oz contemporary jars. They’re wide mouthed and double wicked – my favorite! What more can a candle-holic ask for? Since it’s still winter, I decided to review “Mind Rest” for those who need some soothing R&R & “Cappuccino Ice Cream” because I thought it sounded different and I love a good coffee fragrance.



spotted-hog-contempWhat did my 16 oz Mind Rest & Cappuccino Ice Cream candles look like?

My candles are wide mouthed contemporary jars and are double wicked (my favorite). Spotted Hog labels are tied on the candles with raffia and are easily removed. The candles are simple and fit with any decor. Mind rest is pure white & Cappuccino Ice Cream is dark tan in color.



How did my Mind Rest & Cappuccino Ice Cream candles smell? 

Mind Rest:

This candle is an aromatherapy type scent. I didn’t know what to expect at first because the fragrance seemed very light when I put my nose up to it cold. Once lit however, it actually gave a soft and soothing scent throw that I really enjoyed. I do want to point out that this is supposed to be a light fragrance and was not intended to be strong. I asked Tarrah, owner of Young pretty woman receiving face massageThe Spotted Hog why she made the scent light and this is what she said:

“Mind rest is supposed to be light but not super light. It’s triple scented but the Eucalyptus and the Peppermint that goes in it are light on purpose because I thought if I made it too strong, it would smell too much like Vicks. I thought that most people would burn it in their bathroom or bedroom so I wanted to make sure it was soothing rather then a nostril opener.”

That makes sense. I like Vicks but I don’t want to smell it unless I have the flu or a serious cold, so it’s not a fragrance I would want my house to smell like all the time. Mind Rest didn’t smell like Vicks to me at all. I could smell the Peppermint & Eucalyptus but it wasn’t overpowering. The official scent description on The Spotted Hogs website is:

“True aromatherapy …. Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage and Lemon. This blend creates a relaxing and wonderful fragrance.”

I could totally smell the Eucalyptus & Peppermint but as far as the Rosemary & Sage, I couldn’t tell. I know they’re in there somewhere to help defuse the strength of Eucalyptus & Peppermint but I couldn’t pinpoint any one alone. I could make out a teeny bit of lemon and would have loved the lemon to have been a bit stronger since that’s my favorite scent ever but all in all, this was a nice fragrance and one I would buy again. To me, Mind Rest is a scent you want to burn on lazy days when you want to relax at home and read a good book or close your eyes and listen to some good soothing music. This scent will definitely help you on your way.

I wanted you to know that I actually burned two jars at the same time in my great-room to get a heavier scent throw and it was perfect. The fragrance was very soothing and crisp, a perfect scent to create a relaxing atmosphere. So, if you think this is a fragrance you would like to try, my suggestion would be to burn one in a smaller room or bathroom and for a larger room, try burning two like I did because two were perfect for my larger room.



Cappuccino Ice Cream:

Spotted Hog Candles,Spotted Hog Review,Spotted Hog Scented Candles,Spotted Hog Candle Review,Candle Review,Candle Reviews,Candle Reviews of Spotted Hog.This fragrance smelled exactly how I envisioned it would. I love my coffee in the morning but I like it on the sweeter side so I use flavored creamers. Since I like my coffee sweet, my taste runs the same way as far as candle fragrance too. Cappuccino Ice Cream smelled like sweet and yummy coffee, just like Dryers Coffee Ice Cream, YUM!! The scent description on Spotted Hogs website is:

“It’s just like an icy cold spoon of coffee ice cream heaven. Fluffy steamed froth and delicious espresso are flavored to perfection with an alluring shake of scrumptious cinnamon”

I could totally smell the frothy cream part, as a matter of fact, once this candle is going for a few hours, it takes on a rich and creamy aspect I didn’t notice in the beginning. The cream ingredient really sweetens it up making the scent throw richer for some reason. Cappuccino Ice Cream was a fun perky scent and a nice change of pace from the scents I’ve been burning this winter. The strength was decent but not as overpowering as I thought it would be. Most coffee scents I’ve burned in the past tend to be overbearing and strong. This one was strong but didn’t knock me over which I liked. It was just right.

If you like burning coffee scented candles and on the creamy/sweet side, you would like this one. I liked it and will for sure purchase it again.



candle-flameHow did my Mind Rest & Cappuccino Ice Cream candles burn?

My candles burned perfect. No wasted wax and no soot or smoke.



Overall Opinion of My Candles from the Spotted Hog Candle Co.

This is an excellent company and I highly recommend them. I love their prices and selection as well as the double wicks ospotted hog candles,spotted hog,spotted hog candle,candles from spotted hog,scented candles review spotted hog,lemon cream scent from spotted hog candles, mixed berry candle from spotted hog candlesn their mason jars. They have a wide variety of scents… their scent list is HUGE so be prepared to spend awhile on their site just looking at everything. And if you love bakery scents (sigh) – you are in for one huge treat… that is their specialty. Amazing bakery scents you will be drooling over.

I really enjoyed Mind Rest was a nice relaxing aromatherapy scent. Cappuccino Ice Cream was a fun perky scent to wake you up and brighten your day. Both very different but utterly wonderful. I’ll be reviewing more Spotted Hog candles in the future so watch for more to come.

Happy candle burning!

~ Christina

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Have you tried Mind Rest or Cappuccino Ice Cream from Spotted Hog? Review it with us… it’s easy… write your review and rate your experience in the comment section below.

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