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Twilight Candle Shop


We are a home-based business. You can order as much as you like and pay a flat shipping cost for everything. We specialize in custom poured soy candles, but we have a number of other related products, even coconut wax candles! Thanks so much for checking out our store!

Jade and Juniper Goods

Jade And Juniper Goods

  • 3718 Jasmine Ave · Los Angeles, California

Our candles are made from 100% Coconut Wax. Coconut wax is the most sustainable of all the waxes (Beeswax, Parrafin, Soy and Palm). It produces the cleanest and safest burn against all other waxes. Coconut wax is known for it's slow burn, silky feel, and produces less soot. It is more eco-friendly to harvest, and can hold a higher fragrance concentration. Our wicks are made from 100% natural cotton and are lead-free.


la botica

  • 447 Broadway 2nd FL #216 New York, New York

La Botica is a conceptual chill-wear brand, candle atelier and self/care pop up shop. Bringing together modern femininity, ritual and ‘la cultura’. La Botica encapsulates edits that evoke dreamy beauty, the effortless and undone.”