It seems like just about every day a new candle company is popping up here and there. We’ve dabbled in the candlemaking arts ourselves, but only for play. We can attest to how difficult it is to create a solid, safe product that people will actually enjoy. Yet some chandlers seem to do that with ease, like Treble And Flame Candle Company. I read about this Etsy shop in an article in The Grio, so I was thrilled to see just what this company was all about.

A Closer Look at Treble And Flame

Treble And Flame is based out of Tampa, Florida, run by a husband-wife duo: Damarces and Lakivia Sharkey. The two were college sweethearts who went on to get married and start a family. Typical American story, you say. Not for these two. They loved music…they loved candles…but they didn’t love the idea of bringing potential toxins into their home with their beautiful baby girl. They married the idea of the sense of sound and the sense of smell into one and came up with the notion behind Treble And Flame – 100% soy candles complete with a custom musical playlist, to create a multi-sensory experience.

Shining the Light Treble & Flame Candles

Products Offered

As of this writing, Treble & Flame offers up two candle sizes (4 & 8 oz) in a variety of scents. The candles are 100% soy and are dyed to go along with the chosen scent. Each candle comes with a curated playlist that can be accessed using the enclosed QR code. You can also purchase candle bundles at this time.

Product Reviews

We tested three of their 8 oz candles: Ascension, Almeda, and Purple Rain. These were selected by the company after I told them what my musical tastes and scent preferences were. We’re noting our initial thoughts below, and will be following up with full reviews for each individual item in the near future.

Shining the Light Treble & Flame Candles


Treble & Flame Ascension Candle

First up is Ascension, which is subtitled as “90’s Neo Soul.” Totally up my alley music-wise! The scent description on the website reads: Burn this candle and feel your ascent. With notes of jasmine, honeysuckle and sandalwood this complex floral scent will keep your coming back for more with notes of Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Sandalwood, Amber, and Dark Musk. All the candles come in a sleek black gift box with the candles nestled inside. Each candle does have a lid, which we prefer. Tucked inside the candle box is an insert that includes the scent name, instructions on how to access your playlist, and your QR code. My playlist was fantastic and included songs such as “Brown Sugar” by D’Angelo and “Brown Skin” from India Arie. Ohmygoodness, take me back! There were almost 2 hours worth of songs available on this awesome playlist.

Once I got my music set up (with the help of my daughter), I was ready to enjoy my candle. The scent was complex and slightly sweet. The sweetness of the fruity notes mellowed on out into the sweetness of the floral and then got wrapped up in some sultry notes. Beautiful! I did light this candle in a small bathroom just to see what it could do. I was able to settle into the mood with my 90s music and chill. The blend of the soft and sweet from the candle went well with the curated playlist. The candle itself had a nice, clean burn and a shallow, but even, melt pool. This candle was probably my favorite of the bunch!


Yes, I am definitely a Prince fan and was so excited to see this candle in my bunch. The wax was colored purple, of course! I thought the playlist would be all Prince songs, but no…Prince was definitely on there, including the lovely Purple Rain song…but there were another of R&B artists on the list that really took me back to the day. MJ. Earth, Wind, & Fire. You get the picture. Another great list with nearly 2 hours of music. Sweet!

The website described this candle as: An Icon. A Legend. A legacy that will live on for decades to come. This enchanting scented candle will leave you wondering when you drifted off to sleep. Coupled with the smooth sounds of old school R&B, you are certain to catch the “feels” for this unique scent and playlist combination. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Purple Rain with notes of Lavender, Vanilla, and Cedarwood. The cold sniff was a beautiful soft floral. I could definitely tell this was lavender – the soft, sweet kind. I didn’t really get the elements of the cedarwood until this one started burning.

As I got into my 80s R&B groove with my included playlist, I let this candle burn, baby, burn. The wick was already pretty short (see below) and I actually trimmed this when I probably shouldn’t have. I never did get a full wax melt pool from this candle (I still have a few tricks up my sleeve), but that was totally on me, not the candle. The scent itself was soothing and relaxing, never overpowering. Kind of sexy, kind of sweet. Just as I would think of Prince.

Treble & Flame Purple Rain Candle


Treble & Flame Almeda Candle

Last but not least was Almeda, with notes of Sea Salt, Jasmine, Wood, and Vanilla. The website described this deep blue beauty as: With scents reminiscent of an ocean breeze, hints of sea salt, jasmine and vanilla, this premium scented candle is guaranteed to put you at ease. Couple this classic scent with our perfectly curated playlist and you’ll find yourself dreaming of a Florida sunset. Until you can get there, let us take you, at least for a moment. Almeda. I could definitely get an ozone type smell from the cold sniff on this candle. The associated playlist was slated as “alternative R&B,” and I must admit many of the songs were new to me. I had over an hour worth of music on this playlist. I set it in motion and lit my candle to get the combined vibe.

The playlist was fabulous. They were songs I don’t think I would have just chosen, so I was glad to be exposed to them. They worked well with this candle, which was reminiscent of ocean air and floating out to sea. The candle was a slow burn and had such a pretty, deep blue melt pool. It was mesmerizing!

Overall Impression of Treble & Flame

4 Stars

Treble & Flame won a warm place in my heart as a black owned soy candle business on a mission. They have created not just beautiful candles, but an entire experience. The curated playlists are ingenious and obviously well thought out. The candles themselves burn flawlessly and are true to the scent notes listed. They would work well in smaller spaces, cozying up with the one you love while enjoying the music.

These candles can be purchased through their Etsy shop. Give them a try & let us know what you think!

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