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Shining The Light On: Whispering Meadows Wax Craft

Super scented, beautiful wax melts from this indie company located in the state of Illinois.

Shining The Light on Whispering Meadows Wax Craft Review

Whispering Meadows Wax Craft is an indie company that makes gorgeous artisan wax melts, candles, and handmade soaps. The amount of detail in the products is a clear indicator for the love and care that goes into making each and every one. We’ve been lucky enough to try a few of their products and include them in our candle subscription boxes.

A Closer Look at Whispering Meadows Wax Craft

Located in the state of Illinois, Whispering Meadows Wax Craft has been around a few years. Owner Erin is an artiste at heart, and her creativity shines through in some of the most beautiful wax melts we’ve ever seen. There is a wide variety of products from which to choose, making this shop a good place to find something for just about everyone.

Shining The Light on Whispering Meadows Wax Craft Review

Products Offered

There are shaped wax melts in all sorts of styles, with many varying based on the season/time of year. In addition, there are the traditional clamshell style wax melts and scent shot cups. The scent shot cups can be purchased as singles or there is a variety pack offered. For candles, there are both large and small jars, as well as a memorial candle that can be personalized with a photo. Although Erin makes handmade soaps as well, none of these were listed on the website at the time of this review.

Product Review

We sampled a variety of single wax melt cups for this review. Our thoughts on each individual scent can be found below.

Shining The Light on Whispering Meadows Wax Craft Review

Blueberry Cheesecake

Whispering Meadows Wax Craft Blueberry Cheesecake Wax Melt

Our Blueberry Cheesecake wax melt was in an oval cup with a tight-fitting lid. The pretty blue coloring to the wax was in keeping with the scent choice. We didn’t find a scent description on the website, but this was unmistakable to our noses. The fresh scent of juicy blueberries predominated with just a hint of delicious crust in the background. This was a mouthwatering bakery scent without being too sweet. The scent itself was fairly strong and long-lasting. We used the entire cup for several days worth of scent, turning on and off our 24W hotplate melter.

Pistachio Rose

Whispering Meadows Wax Craft Pistachio Rose Wax Melt

Pistachio Rose was one a beautiful wax melt – a simple scent shot that Erin dressed up with lovely two-tone coloring. The red at the bottom reminiscent of roses and the green on top for pistachio, both colors blending seamlessly together. The scent was equally mesmerizing – this was more of a soft floral with just enough of the nutty notes to make it intriguing and different from your “standard” rose scent. The scent was moderately strong and lasted just about as long as our Blueberry Cheesecake melt. Another winner in our book!

Sweet Bakery Dough

Whispering Meadows Wax Craft Sweet Bakery Dough Wax Melt

The Sweet Bakery Dough wax melt was actually one that was included in one of our candle subscription boxes. It was also a 2oz scent shot with a soft yellow colored wax. The scent description is:

A sweet, warm bakery dough type, with top notes of buttery cream, a milky caramelized burnt sugar middle-note and a powdery, sweet confectioners sugar bottom note.

This had to be our favorite of the bunch – such a rich, thick bakery scent that kept us looking for something to eat! The caramel notes predominated as the scent wore on – all we were missing was the fork! This was a super strong scent and it also lasted a really long time in our melters.

Overall Impression of Whispering Meadows Wax Craft

5 Stars

We give a two thumbs up for Whispering Meadows Wax Craft. Erin’s creativity is unmistakable and the products are high quality and reasonably priced. Her customer service rocks big time, which is so important to us these days. We have enjoyed working with Whispering Meadows and look forward to having them in our future subscription boxes. In the meantime, you can always go shopping for these super scented melts and candles on their website.

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