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Shining The Light On: Madison Valley Candles

Shining the Light on Madison Valley Candle

Our love for Madison Valley Candles goes way, way back. This is a tried-and-true company for us – one we know we can always count on for quality, consistency, and simply amazing customer service. We’re more than thrilled to shine the light on this soy candle company.

A Closer Look at Madison Valley Candles

Located in Los Banos, California, Madison Valley has been making scented goodies since 2004. Focusing on quality and products that are both good for the environment and our bodies, they created 100% soy candles that are organic, kosher, and vegan. Throughout the years, their product line has increased and they now have an amazing array of scents from which to choose.

Over the years our customers have fallen in love with our all-natural Soy Candles and amazing gift products. From the beginning we have committed to only use materials from U.S. suppliers. This has provides us with stable and consistent finished candle each and every time.

Madison Valley Candles
Shining the Light on Madison Valley Candle

Products Offered

The signature staple at Madison Valley is their soy candle selection. They offer medium (16oz) and large (26oz) jar candles with clean lines that have wooden lids. These are our personal favorites! They also offer a glass tumbler style candle in two sizes (18oz and 28oz), which have glass lids. The large square candles are a whopping 33 ounces and are slated to have a burn time of 130-150 hours. They also offer wood wick candles, three wick tumblers (which are all the rage these days), and their newest addition – gorgeous dough-bowl candles.

The wax melts are offered as clamshell style in the typical rectangular, six-block packages. They have reed diffusers available also, as another option to forgo the flame. Check in for some accessories and wax melters, too. Just about everything you would need to scent your home!

Product Review

We chose 3 clamshell style wax melts for this particular review. The clamshells were filled to the brim with natural, undyed wax. We’re estimating approximately 2.6oz of wax per clam.

Alpine Balsam

Alpine Balsam was the perfect treat to start with. It was refreshing, cool, and bright…a perfect pick-me-up for the start of the day! There were no mention of mint notes, but we certainly thought we smelled some in there.

The scent description reads: Sparkling champagne & citrus merge with a heart of balsam & cedar before melting into a bed of moss mixed with woodsy pine, juniper, & patchouli.

Madison Valley Candle Alpine Balsam Wax Melts

This scent was absolutely incredible. There was a minty freshness with woodsy, somewhat spicy notes that made this one very unique, indeed. This is a woodsy, crisp scent that could be enjoyed throughout the year. It was fairly strong and 2 cubes lasted a long time in our hot plate melter.

Bourbon Pumpkin Cake

Madison Valley Candle Bourbon Pumpkin Cupcake Wax Melts
Photo credit: Madison Valley Candles

Bakery scents are our first love and Bourbon Pumpkin Cake tops the bunch. It smelled absolutely mouthwatering on cold sniff. The scent description reads: A perfect blend of Kentucky Bourbon, pumpkin, French caramel, brown sugar & a finish of pure cinnamon. This is sure to make your holidays smell delicious.

This was a heavy bakery scent with boozy bourbon notes and lots of thick, sweet caramel notes. The pumpkin and cake notes were more in the background, but definitely distinguishable. This one was really strong and lasted all day and on into the next.

Sugar Plum Berry

Madison Valley Candle Bourbon Sugar Plum Berry Wax Melts

Sugar Plum Berry was one of those scents we could melt all year ’round. It was slightly sweet with just the right amount of spiciness to keep it from being too sticky sweet. This one was moderately strong and lasted several hours in a hot plate melter.

The scent description is: Luscious sweet plums dusted with sweet sugar crystals to give you those Christmas visions dancing in your head! A sugary sweet & lively berry scent great for the holidays or all year!

Overall Impression of Madison Valley Candles

5 Stars

We adore Madison Valley Soy Candles, as you can tell from some of our prior candle reviews. This is a top-notch candle company with some of the best soy candles and wax melts out there. We love the variety of options and the amazing, unique scents.

Their candles can be purchased on their website.

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I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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