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Shining The Light On: Glow To Grow Candle

A vegan soy wax candle company that includes wildflower seed paper with every unique candle!

As a small business ourselves, we love to find and promote good, high-quality small businesses that offer something unique to the candle community. Enter the relatively new company, Glow To Grow…an eco-friendly, soy wax candle company with a unique perspective on the world of fragrance and healthy concern for our environment.

A Closer Look at Glow To Grow Candle

Glow To Grow is a candle company that is serious about minimizing the carbon footprint and limiting waste. Founder Patricia Tirona believes in leaving the planet a better place than how she found it. All of their candle vessels are upcycled and lend to the unique look and feel. They encourage customers to recycle the vessels once finishing off the candle.

The coolest part about Glow To Grow candles? The dust cover for each candle is created from wildflower seed paper – easily plant this little gem for your own private wildfire garden! The website includes simple, easy-to-follow directions to get the most out of your candle and seed paper.

Each candle is hand-poured with old-world arts and craftsmanship – creating unique pieces from the scent to the vessel. Each candle comes with a plantable dust cover produced from wildflower seed paper to transform your candle vessel or any of your choice into a mini wildflower garden. My desire is to add coziness to your home while combining it with my passion for nature and the environment.

Patricia, Glow to Grow Candle
Glow to Grow Candles
Photo credit: Glow to Grow Candles

Products Offered

Glow To Grow offers a variety of candle styles in upcycled vessels, with the current offering varying based on the vessels they have selected at any given time. They may have mason jar candles, teacup candles, coffee cup candles…it all depends, making these candles unique and one-of-a-kind. The candles have either hemp or wooden wicks and they are all created with vegan soy wax.

Product Review

We had three unique candles to review, each in it’s own upcycled vessel. All of our candles had wooden wicks and natural, undyed soy wax. They all burned well, with nice, even burns. There was no black soot and the wood wicks were easy to maintain. We did not notice any crackling sounds from these wooden wicks.

Glow to Grow Candles

Rose Petals Sandalwood

Our Rose Petals Sandalwood candle was in a decorative crock, complete with a twine tie holding a card with the scent name, a wooden wick, and smooth, natural colored wax. The cold sniff was amazingly beautiful – slightly floral but with deep, warm notes that kept it from being perfumey.

The scent description reads: Enchanting Rose Petals bloom with top notes of ozone and green leaves, before seducing with a heart of rose, carnation, lily of the valley, and ylang ylang. Note Profile: Top: Green Leaves, Ozone, Coriander; Middle: Ylang Ylang, Lily of the Valley, Carnation, Rose, Amyris; Base: Peppercorn, Powder, Dark Musk, Amber, Sandalwood.

Glow to Grow Rose Petals Sandalwood Candle

This candle was amazing – the scent throw from such a small sized candle was really good. It did well in a guest bathroom, enveloping that space with warmth and hints of rose. The green notes came out more once the candle was burning, making this scent quite complex. This was actually our favorite of the bunch!

Cypress + Bayberry Blue Spruce

Glow to Grow Cypress + Bayberry Blue Spruce Candle

The smallest candle we had was the Cypress + Bayberry Blue Spruce candle. It was small, but mighty! The powerful scent of cypress blended well with the pine-y notes of blue spruce. It provided an uplifting and energizing aroma to the small bathroom we kept it in.

The scent description reads: Cypress and Bayberry marries woodsy fir, eucalyptus, and mint. Blue Spruce blends clove, red cedar, spearmint, and eucalyptus. Bold, fresh, and intoxicating. Note Profile: Top: Eucalyptus, Mint; Middle: Cypress, Moss, Bayberry, Spruce, Evergreen; Base: Incense, Patchouli, Fir, Cedar, Amber, Cypress.

Those notes blended so well together, it was amazing. I didn’t find this to be too “Christmas-sy” – in fact, the natural green and energizing notes would be a good fragrance all year-round.

Nordic Night Moroccan Cashmere

Glow to Grow Nordic Night Moroccan Cashmere Candle

This cute Grow To Grow candle was soooo incredibly warm and beautiful. The scent was a little masculine, but not too much so. I smelled notes of amber and rose, though I don’t see rose notes listed in the scent description.

The scent description is: Nordic Night exudes visions of snow-covered pines and arctic winds and blends with Moroccan Cashmere’s powdery top notes and a sweetened heart of lavender. Note Profile: Top: Champagne, Bergamot, Cardamom, Citrus; Middle: Balsam, Cedar, Palo Santo, Violet, Saffron; Base: Pine, Juniper, Moss, Patchouli, Smoke, Wood, Sandalwood, Amber.

So complex! And that’s how we would describe this lovely fragrance. It was mysterious and soothing. Perfect for the rainy afternoon we chose to burn it.

Overall Impression of Glow To Grow Candle

5 Stars

We were simply thrilled with the collection of Glow To Grow candles we tried out. They all smelled divine, had great throws and burned well, and we found uses for each vessel after the candle was gone. There is absolutely nothing pretentious about this soy candle company, and we are so glad we’ve had the chance to meet them in our small business journey. What’s more, we have beautiful wildflowers to live on to make sure to remember them by!

Their candles can be purchased on their website.

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I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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